My Blissful Sexual Partners

Earlier this year I decided that I wanted to travel the world and try living in different countries for a while, so I donated all of my belongings. I ended up postponing this plan when the K-Town opportunity came around. So here I was in an empty house, just my thoughts and books to keep my company. But that’s when I started to realize I love this lifestyle. Now I consider myself a minimalist; just two chairs, a folding table, and an air mattress, that’s it.

It was going well for a while or so I thought. As you know, I have many “friends” that visit me and my air mattress. No one complained at first, I think because they thought I was cool. But after a few months, some of them started complaining that it was too uncomfortable; the air mattress not the sex. I ignored them for a while because I figured they aren’t living here, they are just visiting for a few hours at a time. And the air mattress wasn’t all that different from the Sleep Number bed which I had before.

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From "On the Floor" photo gallery on
From "On the Floor" photo gallery on

Two weeks ago I finally had it when one of my partners said that this was worse than a cheap college dorm room. That same afternoon my buddy, Little Mikey, told me he was moving to NY for work and was selling all of his furniture. What luck, Mikey had just purchased a new mattress only weeks before getting this job and now he needed to get rid of it quickly so he gave me a great deal.

Finally everyone is happy, Little Mikey, my partners, and I find that I’m sleeping more comfortably too. As they say, good things come to those who wait.

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  1. Hehe, that reminds me of this one fuck buddy i had back in college. It was a small studio and he just had a mattress on the floor with no box spring. I never really complained cuz he was such a good lay.

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