F**king Without a Condom

My buddy Lucas just got out of a 10 year relationship with his boyfriend. Now, 38, he is totally worried about the dating scene. I told him just to make sure he doesn’t get attached to the first guy he meets. A few months ago he had his 20 year high school reunion and found out his buddy Tom, from the football team, was also gay but didn’t come out until his mid-twenties.

Lucas had got his number and decided to give him a call. They went out for one date and the next thing you know he was going with Tom to Vegas for 4 days. When Lucas got back, he kept telling me how he and Tom just clicked and he was totally the one. I said, “WTF? You haven’t seen him for 20 years and you suddenly know he is the one? Didn’t you say Dave was the one for the last 10 years?”

PeterFever Graffiti
PeterFever Graffiti

But then he told me something really shocking, they had unprotected sex the entire weekend. You know, I must admit, I prefer fucking without a condom because I think it feels better. But you should only do that when you are in a committed relationship, not someone who’s been single for the last 20 years having anonymous sex. Then I said, “Get tested soon,” only to find out Lucas has NEVER been tested. WTF, again?

Listen, I don’t like when people tell me what to do; but some things are common sense. If you are single and gay, straight, or bi-sexual, wear a condom and get tested regularly. If you are in a committed relationship and feel comfortable, lose the condom, but get tested once in a while. Even if you are committed to your relationship, your partner might be playing the field. It’s not worth the risk.

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  1. Hi Peter, Good on you to get this imporatnt message across. You know the old saying You gotta be cruel to be kind.
    Maybe to be more blunt to those out there that just want a good time ayt any costs and by taking any risk.
    Just tell them this ooh well if you wanna sleep around with no condom its your bed you lie on it BUt just rememeber coz of yoyr risk taking that bed might just end up being a HOSPITAL BED!

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes and advice should be given when the person ask for it but there are some exeptions to the rule. In this case You are concern about your friend and his health. I think it is the best advice you could have given your friend. Everyone should get tested even if they are in a commited relationship. Great words of wisdom Peter.

  3. Wow that’s crazy but too be honest sometimes we get so caught up in the moment we loose our reasoning. But like it was mentioned before it only takes one time. Lotta lobe to you Peter, ps awesome image.

  4. You are so right. It’s not worth it. Better safe than sorry I have enough friends that learned that it only takes once. I don’t judge because it can happen to anyone and keep them close to make sure they keep good care of themselves. I’d never wish that on anyone.

  5. your friend Lucas got big-time stupid.. hope it doesn’t cost him. A recent study revealed that one in five American gay men is HIV poz.. and only half of the poz guys know that they’ve been infected. Nothing and no one is worth having to take daily meds for the rest of your life.

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