Is 135 MPH Too Fast?

Last weekend I decided to drive to LA instead of flying because I thought I would be cheaper and I needed to pick up some of my photo/video shoot clothing at my directors house in West Hollywood for my new e-Store that will launch in a couple of weeks.

There is also a time savings factor because I can drive down in 4.5 hours compared to the flight, waiting at the airport, picking up my rental car and returning it. I don’t have to be on their schedule either; I can stay longer or leave earlier if I want. Of course I don’t exactly drive the speed limit because it takes those ‘legal drivers’ around 6 to 6.5 hours to get to LA from my place.

A couple of weeks ago I drove down with my manager who I think drives like a snail, only 85 mph. I like going at least 105 mph but I’ve gone up to 135 mph. I figure on Interstate 5, at night with my radar detector on, I should be good.

PeterFever Painted
PeterFever Painted

So here I was driving back Monday night, coming down the Grape Vine around 9:50 pm, talking to my manager on the phone and my radar goes off indicating that a laser gun was pointed at my car. My manager then said, “I told you Peter, the first 4 and the last 4 days of the month the CHP are writing tickets like mad to fill their quota so don’t drive too fast during this period.” This past Monday was one of the last 4 days of the month, fuck!

I finally saw the CHP car about ¼ mile away. I wasn’t the only one, 5 other cars also got pulled over for speeding. He wrote the ticket for 93 mph which I’m told will cost between $435 – $600. I wonder if I can write that off as a business expense since I was transporting clothes for my new e-store? The moral of the story is, all of you reading this need to get a membership if you haven’t already; I need to get a helicopter. 🙂

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  1. Lol @ the second half of the story but yeah I hate getting speeding tickets. I would have a panic attack though if I was in a car with you. Have a good day mr. “too fast, too furious”

  2. I’ve got my membership!!!;p and yea….. 135 is a litttttle too fast…. Civilian you always has the option of traffic school. Your lucky he didn’t clock u at 135 cus your license wouldn’t probably been revoked and vehicle towed…. 🙁 lol careful next time!

  3. you’ll have to pay the fine.. and the companies that keep data for insurance companies will mark you as high risk, and you’ll pay more for auto insurance for the rest of your life. When the cop walked up to your car, if he saw your radar detector, that info gets recorded too.

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