Should I Move to LA?

When K-Town starts we will be living in Korea Town (K-Town) in LA. But I’m thinking about moving to LA before it starts. There are a lot of positives and negatives to both staying and moving.

PeterFever Looking Over LA
PeterFever Looking Over LA

Moving to LA:

  1. I will be closer to where the action is happening for my new career in acting.
  2. My director for lives in Hollywood so I wouldn’t have to travel for shoots.
  3. Most people in show business live in LA.
  4. The wild and crazy parties.
  5. The weather is warm during the winter (most of the time).

Peter Le in San Francisco (Winter Night)
Peter Le in San Francisco (Winter Night)

Staying in SF Bay Area:

  1. My family is in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  2. All of my friends and clients are back home.
  3. I own my house and I would be taking a loss if I sell now or even rent it out.
  4. I’m more grounded at home. I hear the LA lifestyle can take a toll.
  5. The weather is pretty awesome year round.

So what do you guys think; should I stay in the SF Bay Area or move to LA?

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  2. Here’s my 2 cents. I grew up in the Bay Area (East Bay & South Bay, friends all over). 5 years ago I left for Southern California and the last 4 years lived in Hollywood. I left recently for family, but I am 100% certain I will be back in L.A. (probably K-Town or Westside). Yes, there is traffic, but honestly, it has a different feel (880/680 thru Mission is HELL compared to 10/405 split). The thing is, my love affair is with California in general and right now, I really love L.A. When I left, I spent a week in the Bay Area and realize just how easy it was to visit.

    You gotta do what you want, but give it a chance. Yes some people are superficial, but do you really care about that? Superficial people are everywhere. L.A. has celebs, Bay Area has techies.

    I know I will always have the Bay Area, but right now, home feels like L.A.

  3. If you move to LA then you’ll always be ready to strike on new business opportunities, right? It seems like your future is taking you to LA, why resist change?

  4. Hey Peter-

    I currently live in LA and I have visited San Fran a few times. I LOVE San Fran and they bay area so much more than LA. The only thing that keeps me in LA is my chosen profession, but if I could move to SF, I would do so in a heartbeat. I have found that SF offers a plethora of cultures, tastes, sounds, and locales to choose from. In addition, the city is centralized with decent public transportation so you can really get around affordably and safely, LA has nothing close to that. The people of SF tend to be more bohemian, cultured and good natured. LA seems to have more people that are materialistic and out only to further their own agenda. Granted, I can only speak from my experiences and nothing I say is a 100% absolute……I do truly believe there are some differences between the cities that put SF in the lead in terms of desirable place to live. When you combine all that with the fact that your friends and family are in SF and you own a house there that you are really at home in, I would say, you should stay in SF. You have to keep your house for the real estate value if nothing else and the show will only shoot for a month or two I am assuming, so rent the house for the duration of your shoot to take in some extra money and you should be fine. Totally forgot that you have a business built there too! I know that you have said you have less and less time to train clients, but you should hang onto that stream of income as long as you can too, I am sure it was hard to get all those clients, fight to keep them until you are so busy with the other stuff you really can’t make it work.

    I think you should stay in SF. All that said, if you do move to LA you would be closer to me and I would hope to bump into you around town, because……..well…….I can dream dammit! 🙂


  5. As you know, both are great cities in their own ways. I’d say it depends on your goals. While it certainly isn’t required, changing location can dovetail nicely with changing direction.

  6. Hi Peter, I hope you will decide that staying in the Bay Area is the right decision for you. In LA the traffic, the stress, the smog, and too much partying will cause you to age prematurely. JW already mentioned that a TV career is a fickle thing, so moving to LA may not turn out to be good for the long term. Also the cost of living in the Bay Area is high, so if you leave, it will be really expensive to move back. You will always be #1 no matter where you go, but the LA area is the hub of the porn industry, so you will have more competition there. We want you here! Hopefully we will all have a chance to say “hi” to you at the SF Pride Parade in June. If we do get to see you there, we’ll show you just how much we love you! :o))

  7. I’m Thinking Austin, Texas!!!
    CA is gonna slide off into the ocean one of these days!!!
    No earthquakes or mud slides here!!!
    Hope all is well!!!

  8. I agree you look happier here in Paris of the west San Francsico. Traffic issues in LA hot and smoggy in the summer . And LA is only a 50 minute flight from SF anyway. I would stay. You must have worked really hard to be able to afford a house in San Francisco shame to let it go. But I am sure your family, friends and fans will support your any decission you make. Good luck with your show. Watch out Situation Sorentiono Peter is coming to town to make your abs look like lumps in oatmeal LOL.

    • You are funny. The one good thing about Mike is it shows me the baseline of how much money is out there to be made off of other things. If his abs can sell a bunch of gym equipment and protein shakes, what will the general public do when they see my abs? I see $’s.

  9. you should for sure! first of all, your familia can visit you, and u can visit them, cuz its only a couple hrs away by car and half n hr by plane, second of all, if you do get the job for K-Town (WHICH I AM SOOOO WATCHIN AND STAWKIN ALL THE PPLS THER EVERY SINGLE DAY CUZ I LIVE LIKE HALF N HR AWAY!) it would be easy to go there, third its closer to your work place, and FINALLY! AND MOST IMPORTANTLY! you would be that much closer to me 😀 😀 😀 😀

    • Well when I’m on K-Town I will be living there anyway with the cast for a few months. But what I’m talking about is should I plan to make a permanent move before the show starts. BTW it did get picked up. Can’t tell you any more right now.

  10. Hey Peter:

    From what you’ve stated in your blog post, its pretty self explanatory for me personally that you should stay in SF and do the LA thing just for the purpose of the show. It seems that you have a lot established in SF and for you to make a move like that at this time would be such a loss for you to chance at the moment. In fact, you should not consider making such a move until the show actually takes off to the point of making it to a second season. TV can be sooo fickle…I mean don’t give up your foundation for something that can turn out to be superficial….think about it…

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  12. I live in Manhattan. I lived in the Bay Area for six years — Stanford for four and SF for two. I’ve never lived in LA. I generally think of LA as a nice place to visit but not somewhere I’d want to live. My factors don’t match yours as, e.g., my family doesn’t live in the Bay Area, though a lot of my friends do, and I’m not engaged professionally in anything remotely related to the entertainment business or the adult entertainment business.

    In any event, SF feels more like a city to me than LA does, and that appeals to me significantly. There’s a lot you can do without a car. The restaurants are superb. It’s an excellent place to shop for sneakers, even when compared with New York. It offers a great mix of city and nature — it’s ridiculously beautiful. And it’s less of a single-industry town than LA or, say, DC. On the downside, it’s small. Within the gay scene, anonymity disappears quickly. The gay nightlife scene is near pathetic, especially when contrasted with New York or LA. The gay daylife scene is, however, wonderful. There’s a large, omnipresent gay community. Gays are everywhere. (I’m realizing, now, that I’m perhaps prematurely assuming that things gay matter to you, beyond being gazed upon.) Whether gay or straight, SF is remarkably progressive. And it’s extremely diverse, though I feel that African Americans are rather sidelined in SF.

    If you live outside the city proper, I believe the considerations are much different. I don’t think, for instance, that Palo Alto and the Peninsula generally are a far cry from LA. A string of built-up suburbs is a string of built-up suburbs. So, if you live in, say, Mountain View or Sunnyvale but have a hankering for LA, I’d go for it. If you live in SF itself, it’s a much harder call, as there’s a lot to love about SF, noted above.

    Not having lived in LA, I can’t say much about it. It has prettier people. But they’re somewhat clone-ish, and I like a mix. Hence I prefer New York to both SF and LA. LA’s cultural offerings are more spread out than SF’s. Granted, in SF, I lived in the Lower Haight and, except for work Downtown, I rarely ventured outside the Haight / Duboce Triangle / Hayes Valley / Mission / Castro area. Still, most of SF is directly and easily accessible. I don’t think of LA in the same way. I envision falling into a patterned life in whatever sub-section of LA in which you live, and that’s that. This may not matter to you. I don’t know. I like having most anything within convenient reach.

    But, I’m rambling. Those are my quick thoughts, coming I suspect from a perspective that’s quite different that yours. . . . Put up a new video soon. 🙂


    • Jason, that has to be the longest reply I have ever received. Maybe I should have you be a guest blogger. You gave me a lot more things to consider. Thanks.

  13. Dear peter
    I think you should buy a house in LA,you should have a home in SF and have a other home in LA.hehehe…and then you can very convenience to work and business.If you like,I look after the house for you free of charge.hehe..

  14. Well, if I were you, I would probably choose to stay in SF. Anyway, you look happier in your second pic! Hahaha.. If that can be used as a valid reason 😛 But yeah, as you said in your previous post, when you are unsure, just follow your heart 😉

  15. I’d say stay in the Bay Area as long as you can. I feel like after finishing your show you are going to want to go somewhere and take a break the Bay is a nice place to do it. I’m kinda biased though since my hometown is Oakland but I go to school in Los Angeles.

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