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JO & My Love Seat [Photo Galleries]

I just released three photo galleries. The first is photos from my last JO video “Magazine Turn-On.” Then we move to the living room where I created two new galleries, “Love Seat 1” and “Love Seat 2.” I truly hope you love them all.

Magazine Turn-On

From "Magazine Turn-On" Photo Gallery on
From "Magazine Turn-On" Photo Gallery on

Love Seat 1

From "Love Seat 1" Photo Gallery on
From "Love Seat 1" Photo Gallery on

Love Seat 2

From "Love Seat 2" Photo Gallery on
From "Love Seat 2" Photo Gallery on

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Written by PeterFever


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  1. peter, reading that one line from u — that i really get u — gave me my fantasy for the day 😉

    thanks, peter….stay gorgeous, baby!


  2. peter, i follow u here and on facebook — u r incredible.

    can’t get enough of ur awesome body and ur handsome, sexy face….and i know u’ve heard this 1000 times before 😉 u r perfect from head to toe, and i have a special thing for that beautiful ass.

    love the way u work a camera, both in still shots and on video….erotic and hot and sexxxy.

    also love the way u TEASE….that may be the hottest thing about u. ur blog write ups are almost always gender-free, so i get to fantasize about u being with a guy, whether that’s ur thing or not. i get to pretend ur gay, or ur bi, or ur str8 but comfortable with everyone’s sexuality. i get to fantasize that ur just plain SEXUAL….and anything goes when ur horny, and it doesn’t matter what sex someone is.

    i love it that u’ve got some ATTITUDE and know how hot u are and how much u turn me on. i love it that u know ur primary audience is gay, and that ur not only cool about it, but love it.

    i love it that u continue to push boundaries and go further and further all the time….can’t wait to see where u go next, sexy boy 😉

    u r so fucking beautiful, man….just had to tell u.

    rick (jockboy)

  3. love 3 photos

    especially the 3rd one & 1st

    nice face, body, & the tool

    i’m slim but have 8 packs

    want to become mascular but just can’t gain weight

    what to do?

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