I’m All Blocked Up

Possible T-Shite Design for My eStore
Possible T-Shite Design for My eStore

Sometimes when I begin to write a blog, I get in a groove and can write without any problems; but lately I have had writer’s block. I have a good system where I write down ideas as events happen throughout the day and then type them up that night or the next morning. The last couple weeks have been torture because I have plenty of ideas, but getting them down on paper has been a struggle since I get sidetracked easily.

Here are some of the ways I get sidetracked:

  1. Responding to my fan mail on all the social networks is growing. I receive hundreds of emails daily. For Facebook alone, I can get 300 emails in a day. This takes about 3 hours a day.
  2. Planning new content for and answering member’s emails takes time; at least 1 hour a day.
  3. Then responding to everyone’s replies takes additional time.
  4. I still training my clients full-time at the gym which is an additional 8 or more hours a day.
  5. I’ve been working on new ideas for Pete Physique and writing a new book to add to my collection of fitness books. I’m also working on a custom ‘all natural’ formula for health supplements. And of course I’m always working on keeping myself in shape which I do 3 days a week, about 45 minutes each day. But you can read all about that in my books at
  6. I’m creating my online store for fans and members to buy items from clothing and accessories I wore during photos and video shoots to a private ‘all natural’ shampoo, conditioner, and body gel line. I’m also working with designers for a custom designed clothing line that would span everything from fitness, underwear, t-shirts, and club wear. Trust me, there is so much too this, I’m going crazy.
  7. I get people asking me about doing interviews all the time and I do my best to respond to everyone.
  8. Of course I’m going to venues for K-Town a few times a month, a few days each time.
  9. And then there is my daily blog which entails writing, reading comments, and always trying to keep up with the latest technology to expand the site. By the way, has its own mobile site and iPhone app. If you go to that link on your phone, you will see the mobile site and if you are using an iPhone the web-app will automatically pop-up for you to download to your home page. Pretty cool!
  10. Finally, I have to make time for my personal life; meet new people, hang out with friends, and of course see my family.

I know my days are very busy right now, but I hope all this work will pay off soon.

Possible Design for the Women
Possible Design for the Women

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  1. Hey Peter, how about a novelty t-shirt? Have a chest and abs like Peter Lee. Do a fullsize pic of your chest and abs on a teeshirt putting them in the anatomically correct places.

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