Drinking with Friends

Sometimes I like drinking with friends but other times I find it easier to drink with strangers. When I’m out drinking with strangers, everyone is trying to get to know one another and the alcohol helps loosens each person up. But when you are drinking with friends, it is a totally different story.

Tonight I went out to a nice Italian place with my manager and friend Christi. After about 2 drinks, my manager starts telling me I need to dye my grey hair that starting showing up a couple of months ago and Christi starts talking very loud. The people around us kept laughing, but then I realized it was about our conversions because their tables were totally silent. My manager Kerry came back from the restroom and said, “Quiet down, I could hear you two comparing how many orgasms you guys have had in one night all the way back in the kitchen.” No wonder everyone else is so quiet.

Peter, Kerry, and Christi
Peter, Kerry, and Christi

When you go out with strangers they would never talk about me dying my few grey hairs or be ‘honest’ about all my other faults (well I only have a couple). But at the same time it is nice hanging around people who are totally honest with me instead of just trying to get in my pants. Our night hasn’t finished yet. We are back at my manager’s office, opening his expensive wine and sitting around trading even more stories about things that have been happening lately.

At the end of the day drinking with friends is cool, but you need to expect that their comments will be totally uncensored.

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  1. Hey Peter:

    I tend to feel comfortable around my friends because if they’re really you’re friends, then you will know what to expect as well as being accustomed to what is going to be discussed. However, like you said, with strangers, I can speak for myself that they are always trying to come up with a way to get a lil’ somethin’ somethin’.lol…which can be annoying at times when you just looking to get to know someone first. Just recently, I was at a bowling tournament, and they had held a raffle, and this guy who was the captain of the team, won a prize from the raffle that being conducted which was dinner for two at a well-known Italian restaurant. To my surprise, he had asked me to be his dinner date. I don’t know this guy well, just by saying “Hi” and “Bye”. But what was so shocking was that after I inform him that if I go to dinner, its just to get to know you better. However, after a couple glasses of wine, he started talking very loosely and got really comfortable to the degree that he kept saying how much he wanted to have sex with me. With all that being said…yeah..I prefer being around close friends as opposed to strangers…lol

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