My Parents See Playgirl

Playgirl Magazine April 2001
Playgirl Magazine April 2001

One of my happiest moments in my modeling career was having my first nude modeling publication with Playgirl magazine. I felt reassured and accepted as an Asian-American being in a publication predominately full of other ethnicities and few Asians. Once the publication hit the stands, my friends congratulated me on the accomplishment.

That week I decided to have a party at my parent’s house and I invited 20 of my closest friends. Those friends invited more friends and before you know it my parent’s 1,500 sq. ft. home had about 100 people. Needless to say, the magazine got passed around to share.

When the party was over, I was so exhausted Some of my friends were too tired to drive so I had people sleeping all over the house, on the floor and out in the backyard. But there was one thing that never reappeared, the Playgirl magazine. I assumed someone at the party took it home.

Playgirl Magazine April 2001
Playgirl Magazine April 2001

When I went back to my parent’s house the following week, my parents were sitting at the dining table with my magazine that I lost. They said, “Have a seat,” and told me how I made a very bad decision. My parent’s voices were anguished as they told me how I disgraced our family. I was disappointed that I had let them down, but at the same time I felt I reinvented myself as a sexy Asian-American guy who should be acknowledge for my courage to stand out and show that we are beautiful people too.

My parents don’t understand what it is like growing up as a first generation Asian-American and being stereotyped because of it. I hope one day they will look back and say they are proud that I decided to go against society’s norm and break the stereotype of Asian-Americans. We are smart, sexy, and we can do anything we put our minds to!

To See How I’ve Progressed Since That First Photo Shoot

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  1. Man, Asians just rock! lol
    Hey, I’ve dying to ask how did your family responded to you when they found out that you liked men. For us LBGT Asian American, we had our rough times going through it; not just us but to other people in the world too. I sure did, but my parents don’t know that i know that they know that I’m bisexual. It’s a long story, and I’m guessing your story is long too, but I’m just wondering. I know that my family is just waiting for me to come out of the closet.

  2. Peter you a beautiful man, you should be proud of your accomplishments, and the joy you give others who can share in your beautiful body, as well as your beautiful spirit. If I was one of your parents I would be so proud of your bravery, and everything you have done. you are your own person and a very, very beautiful one at that!!!!!

  3. I think asian men as well as many other brown skinned people are very beautiful…I really get irritated when media seems to focus entirely on those who are euro.

  4. You look so different now compared to then. I can hardly believe that is you in the Playgirl mag because now you are very stunning, gorgeous, cute, strikingly beautiful and handsome. Nowadays you really are the most beautiful Asian man on earth!

  5. Wow, Peter you are truly a remarkable person. I think it really takes a lot of courage and strong will to go against your parents without being disrespectful and prove to them what you think is right. Keep it up and keep surprising us dear Peter.

    • Hello Peter. Can I just clarify a little thing from you if is it is not too much to ask. I am confused because in the pic you posted here in your blog, it says you appeared in Playgirl April 2001. I made some searching and I came across with the issue that says you were in the November 2001 issue of Playgirl. How is that? Howmany times did you appear in the said magazine? I wish you could enlighten me on this. I really admire you and I don’t want to miss any small detail about you. LOL.

    • Actually the same pictures from April 2001 have appeared many times in Playgirl over the years. I was on the cover again in August 2006. It is common for magazines to reuse pictures.

  6. Oh that makes me oddly reminiscent of my childhood. First gen Asian as well. I had the same talk with my parents when I was 14. They discovered my gay porn stash. It was tough back then. But they’ve since accepted me and my bf. Took a real long time to get over. I still get chills when I think about those “talks.”

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