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Underwear Design

I am working hard on developing new and exciting products for The Peter Le Store. In the next few weeks I will be introducing PeterFever and Peter Le Designs – Logo T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Fleece Hoodies, Sweat Pants, Jackets, V-Neck Shirts, and Swim Trunks. It takes time to develop new products because I’m ensuring that you are getting superior products starting with quality materials, design, and manufacturing. The rule I follow is – If it is not something I would wear or use, I’m not going to sell it.

This brings me to the design process for something I’m asked about often, Underwear. Underwear has so many shapes, sizes, colors and materials. As you know, I have worn (and taken off) many different kinds of underwear on PeterFever. When I started thinking about all of the different styles I could possibly design, I became overwhelmed. It was suggested to me that I ask my fans what they think. So this is where you come in; I need your help and suggestions on what kind of underwear I should design. You can tell me about your favorite styles, brands, colors, underwear band thickness, boxers or briefs, long or short; I want to know it all. If I’m going to invest thousands of dollars in underwear, I want to be sure it is something you guys will buy. Please be as detailed as possible in your comments and feel free to send me links to your favorite designs. Even better, if you design underwear, send me your contact information and portfolio. If you feel more comfortable you can always email me at

And now here are some of the styles I have worn in the past to give you inspiration to help me out.

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2(x)ist Red Underwear I wore in the "Rocky Coast" Photo Shoot
2(x)ist Red Underwear I wore in the "Rocky Coast" Photo Shoot available at
Emporio Armani Underwear from "Spotlight" Photo Shoot on
Emporio Armani Underwear from "Spotlight" Photo Shoot on
HKM Underwear from "Tiny Orange Trunks" Photo Shoot on
HKM Underwear from "Tiny Orange Trunks" Photo Shoot on

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    See through stuff like, mesh fabrics. Then model them.
    Then sell them, since those will go off the racks in no time.
    Anything as long as it’s mesh and see through.
    Eros Veneziani is a really erotic underwear brand check
    the site out but it might be hard to make.
    But you get the idea ; )

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