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K-Town After the Party

PeterFever waiting for Pho
PeterFever waiting for Pho

After partying with the K-Town cast, I was starving and I decided to eat Vietnamese noodle soup; Pho. The night life in Korea Town (K-Town) is so vibrate. K-Town is 20 blocks by 20 blocks and it has at least one restaurant open 24 hours. It’s great because you never go hungry.

Around 2 AM as I was driving back to my friend’s house in LA and I noticed a flashing neon sign, “Pho Open.” I walked in, sat down, and ordered in Vietnamese. My waiter looked confused and said, “I don’t speak Vietnamese.” After he left, I noticed everyone in the Vietnamese restaurant was Korean. They even have the Vietnamese menu translated in Korean.

Vietnamese or not, you can never go wrong with Pho; the cook did a great job. I had a giant bowl and crashed out when I got home.

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