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  • PeterFever Gamertag "PeterFeverXXX"

    3 Million Users Crash Server

      After my best friend Philip’s birthday party in San Francisco Saturday night, I came home and decided to play Call of Duty Black Ops because I’m addicted. I have to play at least a few matches of Black Ops […] More

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    K-Town After the Party

    After partying with the K-Town cast, I was starving and I decided to eat Vietnamese noodle soup; Pho. The night life in Korea Town (K-Town) is so vibrate. K-Town is 20 blocks by 20 blocks and it has at least […] More

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    K-Town Update [Video]

    Here is the latest K-Town update. For those of you who don’t know about K-Town it is a new reality TV show with an all Asian cast, similar to Jersey Shore, but of course more exciting because I’m on it! […] More

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    Doggy Style on K-town?

    Well I’m talking about my dog PJ of course; should I have him on K-Town with me? I’ve asked that question to myself many times for several reasons. One, I don’t know who can take care of PJ while I’m […] More

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    Should I Move to LA?

    When K-Town starts we will be living in Korea Town (K-Town) in LA. But I’m thinking about moving to LA before it starts. There are a lot of positives and negatives to both staying and moving. Moving to LA: I […] More

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    My Blissful Sexual Partners

    Earlier this year I decided that I wanted to travel the world and try living in different countries for a while, so I donated all of my belongings. I ended up postponing this plan when the K-Town opportunity came around. […] More

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