The “Butt Drag” Move

From "Erotica" on
From "Erotica" on

The “Butt Drag” Move, also known as “Checking the Oil”, is a common wrestling move. During wrestling practice in high school, my teammates and I would use the checking the oil move to our advantage. It’s a legit move where you use your fingers and place it near or right above the opponent’s asshole to maneuver a defensive or an offensive move. It’s sounds simple and shocking, but during a wrestling match, wrestlers use it all the time.

Example of “Butt Drag” Move

But now a teenager is being charged for sexual harassment for doing what we did all the time in school. Check out this article.

I believe both sides are right, it is a legal move but if bullying was going on before the incident took place then it was a case of bullying not sexual harassment. It’s a legit move, but you can be accidentally hurt. In wrestling, I admit I checked other people’s oil and I’ve gotten mine checked multiple times.

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