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The Star Athlete

So being a star athlete has its benefits. If you’re proud of your physique, then you should never be afraid of showcasing what God gave you. When it comes to sports, coaches like long arms, long legs and a drive for success. For all of my loyal fans, it’s obvious that all of you don’t mind my other prized physical attribute… being able to lift weights without breaking a sweat. What else were you thinking? Uh oh… I’ll be back. My buddy’s here to work out with me. I will certainly need him to spot me for some heavy lifting. Now check out this week’s video.

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  1. Hey Peter, awesome updates.
    I was just wondering how your parents feel about your current occupations.. how is your relationship with them? I know you’ve mentioned it was difficult for them to grasp when you first started doing what you do.. how do they feel about it now? I don’t mean anything accusatory at all, I’m genuinely just curious..since you are Vietnamese..

  2. Fwah! OK, fine, no cum shot. But you look hot. Perhaps strangely, your hair’s a particular standout, and that’s hardly a prime focus for me, usually. I like the whole it. Danke.

  3. dear Peter that you for being the person you are kind and nice and down to earth anyone can I have a nice body but not everyone as a big heart may you be blessed and god bless you always I thank you for being in my life and giving hope and kind to someone who has a disability like cerebral palsy

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