Getting Caught Having Sex in Public

Pirates Of The Caribbean
Pirates Of The Caribbean

My boyfriend at the time, now ex-boyfriend, had just started dating, maybe a week or two. One of our dates that week consisted of going to the shopping mall to hang out and just get to know one another better. Our day began at 10:00 am and progressed very smoothly, needless to say, we probably went into every single store that was open at the time, including Victoria’s Secret and other lingerie stores. A few hours into shopping, we got tired and decided to go watch a movie at a nearby theater. For some strange reason, we both decided on a movie that had been out for weeks already, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. I somehow got the idea that he wanted to do more than just watch a movie so I played along. Surprisingly, when we got into the theater, it had people in there, just not regular people though, all couples. We decided to situate ourselves in the furthest and darkest corner where no one would be able to see us. Once the lights went off and the movie began, he unzipped my pants faster than rabbits reproducing.

After unzipping my pants and pulling out my penis, he began to service me. I held in my moans as much as possible and kept an eye open to see if anyone was watching us. Shockingly, no one noticed or even cared, why you may ask? Everyone around us was either doing the same thing or just making out, apparently, this specific theater was a very popular hangout for couples. As he continued to service me, the lights suddenly turned on and an employee walked in. The theater wasn’t just filled with couples; there was a single woman in there trying to watch the movie. She had been sitting somewhere where no one could notice her. She had gone outside and told an employee that there were people inside the theater doing sexual things. As you can probably guess, we were all kicked out of the movie and asked to never return.

However, the most interesting part isn’t that. Now, after being suddenly kicked out of the theater while I was being serviced, I had a rock-hard boner that needed to be taken care of. This wasn’t something that masturbation would cure, no sir, I needed something more. I grabbed my partner and we ran to the closet restroom available. I checked the stalls and luckily, the handicapped stall was empty. I pulled him in, closed the door, unzipped my pants and had him continue to service me. After a while, I wanted move so I had him pull down his pants and bent him over the side railing. I began to fuck him in the restroom. As we were having sex, I covered his mouth and tried to muffle his moaning as much as possible but it failed quickly. Men kept walking in and out of the restroom wondering what that noise was and finally, it happened. Someone knocked on the stall’s door and screamed “what the fuck are you doing in there?” I ignored him and continued to fuck my boyfriend. The knocking continued and to an extent, it excited me more and more and got me closer and closer until I finished. After climaxing, we put on our clothes and flushed the evidence. As soon as we knew that no one was looking, we jetted out of the restroom.

While walking away from the restroom, we saw two police officers walking towards the area we just left. We turned to each other, smirked and walked out of the theater. Although we were ‘kicked-out’ of there, we definitely made our mark.

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P.S. I’m going to the movies now!

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  1. awesome story — thanks to the writer and to sexy peter for posting it. only thing better would be to read the details of peter’s sexual exploits 😉

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