More Body Fat = Greater Sex Drive?

This is what I refer to as my summer double edge sword. During the summer, I do most of my photo shoots outdoors since the weather is warm and I can jump in a pool or waterfall and not feel cold. Since I have to lower body fat for the shoots so I look more cut, I get very sensitive to cold temperature which causes goose bumps all over my body.

Goose Bumps on My Ass Peter Le PeterFever
Goose Bumps on My Ass

Even though I look my best during the summer, this is also when my sex drive plummets. The whole point of working my ass off in the gym is to look sexy which gives you a higher chance for sex. My clients can testify that the only reason they hire me to train them is so they can increase their confidence, better their physical appearance, and hook-up. This is true for all my clients, male and female.

On set during the taping of my PeterFever videos, it takes me twice as long to get my cock nice and hard. I’m basically mind fucking myself out of it. With just a little body fat, my sex drive gets stuck in neutral to the point that few things turn me on.

Yes, I’m a fucking cock tease during the summer. I attract everyone who wants it and they can keep chasing all they want. However, if you are chasing me, wait until the fall begins before you catch me. Once I start getting a little more body fat – I don’t know what overcomes me, but I’m craving sex all the time. I’m no longer in neutral; I’m like a Ferrari on the Autobahn, hot with my engine pounding hard!

Cock Tease Peter Le PeterFever
Cock Tease

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  1. Tony, surgery will lengthen your cock about 1 inch and a pump will make it thicker by about 35 percent. Nothing else works. If there was a pill that really made a guys cock bigger.. it would be selling out of every drug store in the world. Some Vietnamese guys do have big cocks.. Van Darkholme has a good size cock, so do the male models Guy Tang and Dan Hoang. Peter’s cock is bigger than most Asian guys.. but it’s been that size since he started modeling. The more you stimulate your cock to erection, either during sex or masturbation, the larger it will become. There are lots of spongy expandable tissues in a man’s cock.. and the more often they are filled and expanded with blood, the larger they become. Cock rings and penis pumps will help keep the cock engorged with blood and facilitate expanding the tissues in the penis. But you have to be careful not to make the rings too tight or keep you cock pumped for too long. You can give yourself a serious hematoma if you’re not careful. My cock is not super big or very small.. but it works really well, and always gets and stays very hard when I want it to. I think that If your cock looks good and works well.. you should appreciate it, regardless of it’s size.

  2. I think ur right on this….too low a body fat would decrease ur sex drive…ironic; when ur at ur sexiest ur not available…very few know what it’s like to maintain a bod like urs…hat’s off to u babe

  3. Peter Le,
    You will be better able to control the sexual energy flowing through your body after reading AND implementing the Taoist’s techniques as put forth in the book. It is totally your call to be -at last- in control of that energy. We westerners are not exposed to the ancient wisdom of the Orient. Study the contents of the book and experience for yourself whole body orgasms(Positive nrg) minus ejaculation(neg.nrg) as opposed to the mere genital orgasms everyone has..Expand the mind, Peter Le, and be astounded at the xtra dimension you’ll have added to your sexual being…yr fan…..

  4. We need MORE of that ass of yours 🙂

    The Stalker, Part 6, that was your best video so far. It was like being in PARADISE, sersly. Peter’s Package Pt. 2 was not the same, and you know it ^^

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