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PeterFever in "How to Use a Bidet" on

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I had a habit of playing pranks on my friends in the men’s restroom when I was in high school and college. On the wrestling team we would do some pretty funny stuff; here are some I did to my buddies:

  1. When my friends would be peeing in the urinal, I give them a swift kick in the ass and make the fall into the urinal. They would get so mad when their dick touched the urinal.
  2. Another good one while they were at the urinal was to grab their shoulders and shake them from side to side. But you had to be careful not to get any on yourself. It was even better when they didn’t have dividers between the urinals and my buddy that I was shaking ending up peeing on our buddies to the left and right of him.
  3. When my friends were going #2, I would throw wet paper towels over the stall and hopefully make it land on their head.

It was so much fun back then. But as I grow up, people expect me to act more mature. Most of the time I am, but once in a while I just can’t resist playing pranks on my buddies in the restroom.

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  1. haha, that’s not ‘Hanako of the toilet’, but ‘Little Peter of the toilet’! scary-scary! (°~°)§
    K-town cast better watch out! 🙂 Oh-oh, don’t want to know what you are buying that camera for…!
    …with ‘more mature’ you mean …. no, you don’t …. do you? 😉

  2. Lol -- I loved pranks too. But older friends just don’t appreciate it as much. Like clear plastic stretched tight over a toiled or ben gay on a toilet seat or water balloons over the stall wall or a spider -- lol big guys scream just Like a little scared girl- lol.

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