Can You Help Me with My Videos?

I want to start doing more YouTube videos and I find that my current camcorder is too hard to use when taping myself. So I need you guys to give me some recommendations on what you think is a good HD Video Camera for videotaping myself for YouTube videos.

I can’t wait to hear from you. Thanks.

PeterFever's Camcorder
PeterFever's Camcorder

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  1. If you are making YouTube videos then I would recommend that you buy the Canon EOS Rebel T3i. It has an LCD that can swivel around, so you can see yourself being recorded. The quality of the video is amazing and it shoots in 1080P. Good luck.

  2. I second the Kodak….I would not go full 1080 on it because sometimes it can do odd things to the picture, but both of the 720p settings works great. Another thing--the camera comes with a remote control and it works in water up to about 10 feet in depth. The one downside is that you have to use it in well-lit areas because otherwise the video image comes out very dark. For the price you pay, though, it is a good camcorder for the price (varies between 129.00 and 149.00).

  3. I use the Kodak Zi8 its really the best for the price and one of the few pocket HD cameras that record in true 1080. The removable memory make it great for long shoots. with a 32 gig sd card you can shoot over 100 hours of footage is full HD.

    I love mine.

  4. Peter, love to help but I had enough problems taking new photos for my facebook page (and other profiles). Want to try to video some of my workouts but living alone does prove challenging in these situations. I just wish you all the best mate.

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