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Gameboi SF – Clothing is Optional

So I took the advice of some of my fans and went in jeans to Gameboi; after all they weren’t going to be me very long. You will see in the pictures below that I had an underwear change. I forgot to wear my sexy underwear so I borrowed Guy Tang’s underwear while we danced on stage. Of course Guy’s favorite part was stripping my other underwear off of me.

Guy Tang Stripping PeterFever
Guy Tang Stripping PeterFever

All my fans were awesome! Everyone took turns when taking photos with me. A lot of people were celebrating birthdays or maybe they just liked getting spanked, I’m not sure. But get this; Joe was the only one who bought me a drink. So thanks Joe, you were so thoughtful. It was so much fun and I loved every minute. I can’t wait until the next party; I want more of you to show up. I will be better about giving you advanced notice next time.

Tomorrow Is Launch of All New Videos

So thanks to everyone who came and the rest of you enjoy the photos.



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  1. I guess you were the most popular guy, that gets the attention from everyone there on stage,it seems like was a Hot! Hot!show,I bet, watching you is like drinking the very good wine, you just want more & more,till you drunk,
    then your mine still spinning in that wine glass! Unforgetable! Peter, you’re so unbelievable,and man, you’re so loveable !

  2. i can only imagine how many guys there wanted to get their hands on u, peter.

    i’m guessing ur performance was another expert tease….and damn, i love the way u tease hehehe

  3. Hot hot hot !!!
    Hope that one day you perform in Paris. U r like a good wine, cuter and cuter year after year. Luv ur chest and of course ur incredible ass
    U r doing a great job with your body !
    Take care,

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