Shaved or Not Shaved, You Decide

So as all of my fans know, I have some hair on my legs and under my arms. Every once in a while, people will ask me to shave it all off for a photo shoot or video. But I was curious, what do you prefer, shaved or not shaved. I want you to decide and write back and tell me.

Oh and for those fans that got photos with me this weekend, send me a copy to

For more pictures of me shaved and hairy, check out:

Shaved or Not?
Shaved or Not?


Written by PeterFever


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  1. some natural hair is nice- it’s a bit more natural and masculine- remember when puberty hit and u started growing hair on ur body- the day u got ur pubes & underarm hair- u became a real man and no longer a boy child.
    i don’t like really hairy- if u have hair growing out of ur ears/nose and on ur back- shave it.

    --when u do modeling gigs- u gotta do what the $ wants_ but be who u want 2 be the rest of the time

  2. Shave or wax Peter your body is so beautiful lovely bum beautiful cock be hair free if you’ve got it flaunt and you have it all
    no hair

  3. peter, if you shave, it will grow back thicker and coarser. trust me. leave it alone. youre so naturally hairless, with hair it adds a dimension so few models dare to have. its sexier, too, in my opinion. (ps guess who?)

  4. Well from a practical point of view (practical regarding sex) I would say shave armpits and ass, it makes the licking easier.
    However, since this is about pure physical appeal I would say: smooth ass, trimmed armpits and unshaved legs.

  5. You’re a gorgeous man, not a pretty girl. 🙂 Please leave the leg and armpit hair; it’s incredibly sexy, especially on you. :)I’ve never understood gay men wanting other men to shave off their hair; it’s peculiar to me. You’re super hot Peter, and the hair only accentuates that fact.

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