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“Rejected” by YouTube after LA Pride

It was such a great experience marching in my first LA Pride parade with GAPSN. I may be the king of cardio but all the marching made me exhausted. Plus, I’ve been out partying Friday and Saturday nights at Gameboi and my old stomping grounds K-Town. I love LA but my weekends here go by in a blur of fans, booze, and sex (safe of course). I took a ton of pictures to post, but I left my camera in LA at my manager’s house. As soon as I get it back, I’ll post the pictures and give you a full update on the LA Pride weekend. In the meantime my flight is delayed so I think I’m going to do some pushups before I board the plane.

Waiting at LAX
Waiting at LAX

By the way, YouTube took down another video (Meet PeterFever at Gameboi Tonight and LA Pride this Weekend) from the other day which they say is, “Too Hot”. This time they didn’t ban it, just “rejected it because it is too erotic for YouTube”. So I have reposted the video for you to see.

To see even more Erotic videos, go to:


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  1. I am still dumbfounded about YouTube harassing you..because just yesterday, a buddy of mine sent me a short video of one of his buddies walking around butt naked into his room where the video displayed his naked ass the majority of the short video which ran about 45 seconds but still, it was not rejected and all you did was show off your ass in tight underwear with suggestive talk…WTF????

    • I’m seen videos on YouTube with people having full on sex, jacking off on camera, totally nude, etc and they are still happily running. Honestly, I get crazy people who create YouTube accounts to write crazy, hateful, anti-Asian, anti-Gay, pro-Stupid comments all the time and then delete their accounts the same day. YouTube is starting to catch on that these people are just creating a butt load of fake accounts to take down videos that aren’t showing things on the net they want to see. I’m in the company of many others who have written me telling me that same thing happens to them. That’s why YouTube is now “Rejecting” my videos, which doesn’t affect my account status, but also removes the video from being seen on YouTube. They just don’t have enough people to figure out what is happening to each individual account so they figure it is better to be safe than sorry. But now they are doing some checking of accounts.

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