Starbucks Silent Protest

Flexing with My New Coffee Maker

Starbucks is America’s #1 choice for coffee, but not mine anymore. When I walk my dog PJ in the morning, I would stop by Starbucks and get a fresh cup of coffee; but recently I noticed a change. It’s not the taste or the smell of the coffee, but the price. They have been progressively charging me more for a cup of coffee for a couple of weeks now. They think, since they cornered the market they can raise the price of coffee, just because they can. So over the weekend I decided to buy a small coffee maker and I think it was the best investment ever made besides my membership to Now I enjoy delicious coffee that I can make from home each morning. Bye bye Starbucks.

I Love Every Drop

Written by PeterFever


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  1. Yes. I suggest you buy it from QVC. It’s a shopping network channel and you can also check their website at, I bought mine from them because they have different color options, sizes, and better packages in a great price with monthly payment options.

    By the way, I don’t think anybody notices but you def look great in your blue undies! LOL

  2. I too love Starbuck’s coffee, from regular coffee to specialty coffee like caramel and many others. Earlier this year I decided to buy Keurig coffee makers. I love that machine and now make coffee at home! The K-cup there is special because I don’t have to waste a pot of coffee when there is just me in my house. Just because we are in still in a pre-recession, these companies think they can just charge us and have an excuse like “we are also hurting” comment when in reality they are not. I am glad to be on board for this silent protest of yours! And God Bless coffee makers!!!! LOL

  3. Suze Orman has been telling people for years that their Starbucks habits are the biggest waste of money! It’s like all the money we spend on bottled water when water is FREE. We spend spend spend out of convenience when there are much cheaper ways of getting the same thing. Good move, Peter!

  4. I never have gotten coffee from Starbucks since I only get two drinks and have not seen a change in their price since I started going there. But getting a coffee maker Peter is a good investment.

  5. Not sure where you live, but the price of a cup of coffee at Starbucks hasn’t changed in a couple of years. A tall 12 oz cup cost $1.50 (just .20 more the Dunkin)
    Factor in the fact that Starbucks pays a LOT more per lb. then ANY other major coffee co. ( the average commodity market price paid for coffee was $1.04 per pound; and, it’s certain, far less for The Procter & Gamble Company (NYSE:PG)’s Folgers brand or Kraft Foods Inc. (NYSE:KFT)’s Maxwell House tinned coffee…Starbucks pays 1.42 per pound)

    Sorry…but I watched this 3 part Documentary on coffee, and I think if ppl had a clue the long road it takes for that little bean to go from farmer to that cup in front of you, they’d realize how crazy cheap 1.50 a cup is.

  6. Oh yeah…I make my own coffee…’s hard to break a good habit…but you have to ask yourself…can I do it better….and you can.
    Speaking of a silent protest……is it possible to somehow incorporate Silent Protest 8 armbands ….that I sent the amazing Peter…into a blog photo? It would be so cooooool for me.
    I’m not doing them anymore…I’m doing gay and straight wedding cake toppers…for our people…..they are so so nice.
    It would break my heart if you could incorporate….you do so much for our people in your way…and I do it in mine…….I adore you for your cause ….

  7. Just to note that the price of green coffee beans have increased significantly since last year (doubled) due to undersupply/droughts etc

    I own a boutique coffee roastery/cafe here in Malaysia and although we do use better quality beans, we charge the same as Starbucks (because we have to… people here compare too much and don’t know quality). I’m kinda glad that Starbucks are increasing prices, because it gives me a chance to in the future!

    i do agree though with you purchasing your own coffee maker -- get better beans/coffee and do it yourself to save money in the long run (plus have better coffee!!)

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