Survey – Do You Pee Standing or Sitting?


My buddy never locks the bathroom door, so I have walked in on him a few times going to the bathroom. Each time he said, “Don’t worry, I’m just peeing.” After the third time I began thinking, do most guys stand up when they are peeing or sit down? I normally stand up unless I’m drunk, but maybe I’m not normal. That’s when I decided to do another survey.

Do you normally stand up or sit down when peeing?

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Written by PeterFever


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  1. Peter: “Doesn’t your hard-on hit the side of the bowl?”

    With some nouveau ladies compact commodes, it’s inevitable but I can usually sit far back and bend forward to position it lower not to spray out between the seat and the rim! Hot sex has lingering drawbacks sometimes….

  2. Standing unless there is more going on.
    One thing that has haunted me for years…..we never ever ever get bored of peeing…we love it and look for a pace to do it …like its brand new every time.
    How many times have we peed??? But we never get bored of doing it. It’s just not a burden……;);)

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