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When I’m at the gym, I get these college students always asking me for advice. Sometimes I feel like I’m giving my personal training advice to a wall. They always stare at me with a blank look in their eyes if I’m not on the same bandwagon with them. For example, a college kid in his early 20’s standing at 6’1” weighing around 220 with 20% body fat asking me if I heard from some trainer who invented some exercise for abs that he stumbled on the internet and asked my opinion.

To give you some background of the college student, he wants to lift heavy weight and gain more muscles. He is below average in term of strength in his peers.  He asked if he should be doing these new abs exercise are worth his time. My explanation was no and that he is wasting his time. I gave him the simple logic and explain like it’s have a sumo wrestling do ab exercises to get a 6 pack. There is no way, someone with over 20% body fat will ever have abs popping out at that percentage. Because no matter how much stronger your abs are with that high of a body fat percentage, your fat will still cover the abs.

My suggestion was to only do abs when you hit single digit body fat percentage. In the end, I could tell by his reaction and feedback that he isn’t going to listen. I don’t know why I try to help people, who are stubborn in their own ways.

PeterFever's Abs
PeterFever’s Abs

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  1. Peter what do you typically do to avoid soreness after a workout? I just started going to the gym and now after ever session I’m barely able to move for at least two days :(… Also, I’m sorry that people ask you advice but don’t listen :(. College students tend not to be the brightest though…

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