TV Sucks

Hungry for Better Shows
Hungry for Better Shows

Is TV getting too predictable or am I too intelligent for the typical TV show plot? In the past three days, I have watched three TV shows and within the first five minutes – boom, I predicted the outcome of each one. Law and Order; I had the real perpetrator nailed the second they introduced him as the “good guy”. The Walking Dead; they are keeping zombies in the barn and not killing them, why?

Then I sat down to watch Christina Applegate’s new show Up All Night and I figured out the resolution to this episode’s dilemma within seconds. You could have timed me with a stopwatch.

I like watching TV for relaxation and it is a distraction from the other things going on in my busy life. But if I already know what’s going to happen and they never surprise me with a plot twist or something a little less predictable, then what’s the point of watching it the first place? That’s why I enjoy shows like Lost. It would keep me constantly guessing. But even Lost got too bizarre after a while, right? They were so desperate to be unpredictable that they went from intriguing to nonsensical. So now I’m thinking, maybe this should be my next gig – writing a script for a TV show. What do you guys think? Would you tune in to my prime time slot?

TV Sucks

Written by PeterFever


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  1. If predictability(is that a word?) is the problem, you should check out vampire diaries, once you get over the initial teen angst and twilight misperception, it’s actually a good show.

  2. I loved Lost. If you want to be intrigued, watch American Horror Story. It will keep you guessing.

    I don’t think Walking Dead is too predictable. I didn’t think that Daryl was going to get shot by one of the other characters 🙂

    Having said all that, you should definitely try to write something for tv. I’d love to see what you’d come up with.

  3. i find tv predictable and boring most of the time too. even my favorite shows aren’t as good as they used to be. the only shows that hold my attention are desperate housewives and the middle. i would definitley watch your show.

  4. Prime time slot? Or after hours (midnight) lol

    I’m a tv maniac. So I don’t know how your feeling actually. Mostly I watch CNN, game shows & sometimes when I feel stupid about myself..reality shows lol.
    And also Asian networks that I subscribe too.

    Are you really serious of going into the script writing business?

    Best of Luck!!!

  5. T.V. Stations cater to the lowest common denominator. Most average people love the same old thing & it brings in good ratings. Peter, what are you doing sitting in front of the T.V? The world is at your fingertips. Come meet me I’m bored & alone tonight. Ha.

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