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Did GQ Forget Something?

I was looking at my friend’s Gentlemen’s Quarterly (GQ) magazine collection that goes back years. He picks them up from other countries when he is traveling too so the collection is pretty extensive. As I was looking through the boxes something became blatantly clear. See if you can figure it out from the samples below…what’s missing?

GQ Covers
GQ Covers

Did you figure it out? Maybe I should have said who is missing? How about Asians? After all Asia is only the largest continent with the majority of the world’s population, over 4 billion. You mean to tell me they couldn’t find a single Asian out of 4 billion that was good enough to make the cover? I think I know a couple of Asians that would look hot on the cover!

JefFierce Chiangmai & Peter Le
JefFierce Chiangmai & Peter Le

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  1. Yeah… There aren’t many Asian entertainers to be put on the cover, but there have been a few fashion spreads inside the magazine featuring Asian-American celebrities. Plus an increase in the amount of Asian models in the non-celebrity fashion spreads. Recent examples of Asians used in the fashion spreads include Daniel Dae Kyn + Harry Shum Jr. Plus I remember seeing that hot Korean soccer player a while back for a winter shoot.

    I’m sure GQ Taiwan (and other GQs in Asia) have Asian personalities on the cover all the time.

  2. I already knew what GQ forgot, it was pretty obvious Asian males are always being left out. Why won’t they put Asians males there? Asians makes a huge population here in the United States. They even know that Asian region are dominating now in business, especially China. There are 2 reasons I believe they are not promoting Asians males on these covers.

    1) Maybe the Asian community (majority) may not be interested in buying those magazines. So thats why their mostly Whites or Blacks.

    2) Maybe its personal? Maybe they are somewhat upset or mad that the Asian world is dominating in the corporate world and America is kinda like a laughing stock because of this change.

    Just my opinion. Peace! LOL

  3. Yes, I did notice the problem straight away -- coz the absence of Asian men in popular media has been an age old issue.

    Peter Fever is not on GQ because you are TOO HOT for the cover.

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