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How to Fight a Cold

How to Fight a Cold
How to Fight a Cold

Here’s what I do to fight a cold.

Written by PeterFever


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  1. I agree…totally…
    I also love love theraflu tea…omg….it makes you feel good and oh so sleepy.
    Then some home made chicken soup with celery carrots onion….lots of pepper …throw in some chicken livers…
    Lots of complaining ….lots of sulking….no gym…..clean the bathroom….and watch Peter fever !

  2. Hi,
    Begin the day by a glass of hot water then you can eat chicken soup and drink ginger tea during the day. I always use chinese medecine if I get a cold and it works very well. And of course to avoid to get a cold, the best is accustom your body to the cold.

  3. Instead of punching it (lol), how about having a bowl of campbell’s chicken noodle soup or whatever soup is your favorite? Living in New Jersey, I always have cases of soup in stock at my pantry, and whenever it rains or gets snow here, having a bowl soup will make things feel better! And don’t forget hot cocoa w marshmallow! lol

    I hope you feel better!

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