Fuck Trolls, Fuck Haters

I say fuck alotYes, I said Fuck Trolls. I bet you are wondering what I’m talking about. Well basically a troll or more specifically a “comment troll” is a person who likes to post inflammatory or off-topic shit on blogs, forums, YouTube, Facebook, and the like, just so they can provoke people and get a response out of them. Basically they just want to spread crazy shit to get a rise out of people.

Peter says, "Fuck Trolls"
Peter says, "Fuck Trolls"

It’s funny because I can write hundreds of updates, blog articles and responses to people saying happy and positive things and I rarely get the attention of a troll. But when I make a simple statement like “Depressed people depress me. I need to be surrounded by upbeat people,” the trolls come out in force. I think it is funny because 99.99% of the population understands what I’m saying, but trolls start spreading their lies, like “Let’s hope none of you suffer any mental health problems and if you do I hope you don’t get treated by a Dr. with the same attitudes, shallow thought less comments…” Dude, WuTF are you talking about? Trolls even go after my fans who support me by calling them, “…just another hopeless and impressionable gay. Go follow the flock of gay sheep.” Of course the most common one I hear is that is must be, “a shallow, careless, brainless ‘perfection’.” Well at least they got the ‘perfection’ part right.

Haters gonna hate
Haters gonna hate

All public figures seem to attract trolls. Even Gabrielle Gifford, the congressional representative from Arizona who got shot in the head by a lunatic and overcame death and insurmountable odds recovering from what everyone believed was certain death had to deal with trolls by the hundreds. She posted a video 4 days ago on YouTube ( saying she was stepping down from Congress to focus on recovering. Within minutes, trolls started writing the most horrible things about how she deserved to get shot, how she should have just died, and even worse sick shit. Within hours, the Gifford family had to shut down the entire comment section because it was a troll hate fest.

As for me, trolls can say whatever they want; their hate just bounces off my ‘perfection’. One thing I’ve learned in life is, don’t sweat the haters because they’ll just bring you down. Haters are gonna hate not matter what you do. And remember, Fuck Trolls!

Fuck Haters
Fuck Haters


Written by PeterFever


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  1. Peter, I fucking LOVE this blog post, and I agree with every word you said.

    To be honest, I also love it that you say “fuck” a lot…maybe because I do, too, and maybe because I like hearing it from a hot, sexy guy 😉

    I’m lovin’ the pics of you giving the finger to the cam,too. Those are just fucking hot pics, man! MORE!

    I think I need a Peter Fever video of you giving the finger to the fucking trolls and telling them to fuck off.

  2. Peter: I don’t doubt that you had no intention to offend anyone. I also get your point about nasty-spirited commentators responding to blogs and articles. But there’s a difference between those types of commentators ‘trolls’ as you described them and people expressing a valid, different point of view from your own; so hopefully you’ll take my following comments in that light. I do understand how some people would find your comment that depressed people ‘depress me’ as at least a little bit glib, flippant, or insensitive -- both by people who have gone through real depression and by those who have loved ones dealing with this real mental health issue.
    You stated that people should be able to make a simple comment without everyone extrapolating more from it than what was meant. Fair enough; but words have meaning and power. People can interpret things differently, the spirit or intent of a statement is not always obvious, and given that depression is an actual diagnosable mental health condition and one of the most common predominant predictors of suicide in North America — it’s more of a ‘touchy’ subject than some other things, I think.

  3. Peter, I love your kind reply to YR.

    Btw, can I tell you why your funny videos are so positive to me? I keep wanting to tell you but thought you might be too busy to read. I was wondering if I could email you?

  4. I too have suffered from depression for a number of years but with medication and a lot of therapy it is getting better but will be with me for the rest of my life. On the outside and around people I am generally very upbeat and most would not even know , but I do understand where you were coming from Peter, perhaps a more precise choosing of words would have helped, I think you meant folks who are mopping around, long in the face, unable to find joy or happiness in anything, presenting depressive moods or behaviors and for lack of one singular word to describe that, depressed or depressing was an easier and faster choice,easily understood if people really follow you and know that you have a good heart they would understand completely where you are coming from , if they don’t then they jumped on the wrong band wagon a little too fast, and most likely because there are things about themselves that they do not like and this is a way that allows them to think and feel that they are superior, (NOT) and of course they think that they can guilt you into changing your position or to try and make you feel bad(WRONG) you are certainly entitled to your own opinion as they are and both are covered by the first amendment so as we used to say when drinking in school here’s to you and here’s to me best of friends we’ll always be, but if we should disagree, well screw you and here’s to me! You have to go on and try to not let it bother you, follow the advise of Dr. Suess: “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” Great philosophy to live by. Dr. Suess was a pretty smart guy! HUGS and LOVE ♥ ♥ ♥ 🙂

  5. Their are lots of them on yahoo answers! Esp the politics section. Imagine how many troll comments I get whenever I mentioned that I will be voting for President Obama again. Last year, I received so many trolls, but recently, a lot more people have supported me and even considers voting for President Obama come November! lol

  6. That’s fucking crazy, people have a right to say whatever they want and if they don’t agree with it then delete the person off of their page or change the channel. But what you said is true. People’s moods affect others. If your constantly surrounded by negative people who are always depressed than you get emotionally drained and that affects you physically.

  7. I battled depression for 2 years. So a part of me can understand why some people took issue with your remark. Don’t take this as an attack because despite our past differences, I like you. But just see it from someone else’s perspective. I don’t think you intentionally meant to hurt or offend anyone, so I’ve chosen not to take it so seriously.

    • Thanks for understanding. It was on off the cuff remark like, “I love chicken!” That doesn’t mean I’m in love with chickens or eat chicken all the time, it was just my feeling at that moment. Same thing with this comment; it went from a feeling at that moment in time to people taking it as my philosophical perspective on depression. People should be able to make a simple comment without everyone extrapolating more from it than what was meant. And I’m very sorry that you had battled with depression, I know many close people who have and still suffer from it. I wish you all the best!

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