Tony the Tiger

My buddy Tony is a total slut; he fucks anything with two legs. This guy doesn’t discriminate as long as they are the same species and sometimes I even wonder if his selection stops there. Tony is a total hunk, but can’t get satisfaction with being with just one person. Who can blame him, he is young, hot, and full of hormones.

I gave my house keys to Tony since I was going away for a quick business trip that was just a couple of days. I figured he could use my place for his exploits for a change of pace. Actually he has about a dozen different friend’s house keys so he always has a selection of places to take his dates.

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Tony has used my place in the past while I’ve been away, so this was nothing new. Of course there was one thing new, the sweet girl next door that I wrote about recently. So the first night at my place, he brings back this drunk chick that is apparently a freak! She keeps yelling for him to slap her ass and fuck her hard. If they had a marathon for sex, Tony would win because he goes for hours. Apparently the moaning, yelling, hardcore, ass slapping, dirty sex went on for over 6 hours.

I got an ear full when I returned home, not from Tony but from the Sweet Girl Next Door. I couldn’t believe that she actually recorded some of the marathon sex session on her iPhone. She was pissed at me saying that I kept her up all night and she had an important meeting early that morning which he was half asleep in. I felt embarrassed for Tony and she did too when I told her that I was away on business and that my buddy had been using my place while I was gone.

Lesson learned, if you are going to give your house keys to a sex crazed, horny, young guy while you are away, make sure to warn the neighbors so they can get some ear plugs.

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    • No this isn’t a prick tease, I actually cum all over the place. As a matter of fact, some of the cum flies out of frame. So my director has stills that he added to the video so you have good images of the “money shots”. I’m sure you will love this new video. It’s called, “The Premonition.”

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