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What’s On My Face? – Survey

Keep It or Shave It
Keep It or Shave It

My current hook-up really likes guys with some scruff on their face. I keep getting begged to grow out my facial hair but I don’t really like growing out my beard because it makes me feel sloppy. I’ve given for now and am trying out the new look. People at the gym today kept telling me I look more macho. What do you guys think?

Macho or Scruffy?
Macho or Scruffy?

I’m shooting a new video for this weekend and can’t decide if I should keep the facial hair for the video or if I should ditch the scruff. I figured I’d let you guys decide, keep it or shave it?

Should I Keep My Facial Hair or Shave It?

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Written by PeterFever


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  1. Ohhhhh I’m pissed off … the anonymous guy…..he says he can hardly notice your scruff…..uh…..that kind of scruff so sexy…..that guy must have met you somewhere and is in love with you and now trying to hurt you….

  2. Omg…that anonymous person was so rude to you……first of all ….I know my Peter….your hair looks great… don’t look tired at all….you look fresh and sassy to me…..that hellsa hot stubble is off the hook hot and oh so sexy…… are sexy…and that person does not know or understand you…….you were so sweet and kind in your response……….I know you…and appreciate you……..there is no reason for a person to talk about you like that…..unless they were just full of sadness and loneliness……we have all been there… just be You…sweet and kind.

  3. you look tired and the haircut is horrible -- you were my dream even before I knew you were gay… but with that cut you look fresh off the boat… and you can barely notice the “scruff” When I read “what’s in my face” I kept looking for cum or something… keep it or leave it… sleep more and get a better haircut

  4. I think you should leave it on…I know how you feel about the beard thing because i feel the same way when i grow mine lol…but i like the new look it makes you look more rugged and manly… give the new look a try…

  5. I think you should keep it. I know what you mean about the beards because i feel the same way when I grow a beard… lol but I think the mustache is a good look for you, it makes you look for rugged…

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