It Came True for Me

I couldn’t believe what had happen. Last summer, I was hanging around the city with some friends, we had lunch and afterwards my buddy decided he wanted to see a psychic for relationship problems. He dragged me along and insisted that I get a physic reading too, so I did. I got the $20 special; I really didn’t pay much attention because I was skeptical about it. But I do remember the physic saying that I’ll find some money in the future. I was thinking that I might find a $20 dollar bill on the ground, but I didn’t think about it much.

A few months later, I let my credit card bill rack up to over $10,000 from my trip to Japan and some other expenses. But when I received my credit card statement, it showed a zero $0 balance. I was shocked but assumed it was just a mistake and it would show up the following month. A couple of months went by and none of the charges ever showed up. Now, month later, I called my credit card company to see what happened to the charges because I was feeling guilty. To my surprise they said they didn’t show I owed them any money and it’s still a $0 balance.

I guess that $20 investment into the physic was worth a lot more than I could ever image. Needless to say, I’m not skeptical anymore.

Let Your Dream Come True

Heavenly Body
Heavenly Body

Written by PeterFever

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