Inception Movie Poster
Inception Movie Poster

Last night, I watched the movie Inception and it blew my mind; it’s like Matrix meets Fight Club. I recommend this movie to everyone, but I have a tough time explaining it. This is the kind of movie you need to watch twice to understand everything.

In the movie they say if you had your perfect dream would you live in it and never want wake up? I thought about this for a while. I mean why would you want to wake up from a dream if you can have everything you want? Imagine always being happy and stress free.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I would wake up from my perfect dream because I would feel things are not balanced. In a dream, you don’t want to experience break-ups, hard life decisions or even death. I believe those experiences, even though they may be bad, builds character and makes you appreciate life even more.

Believe it or not everything in this world is about balance, like yin and yang. In Asian culture they say that if a person is lucky in gambling, he is also unlucky in relationships. I guess it is a good thing I don’t gamble.

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  1. DREAMS are nature’s way to bring balance 2 the chemistry of the brain..Feel good “seratonin” is needed to keep us mentally balanced….the same way in which fantasies allow us to “do/experience” EVERYTHING our mind can conjure up,- and yet protect us from harm that could come to us from ACTUALLY trying to live in our dream/fantasy…..more likely than not, you will wake up in a true NIGHTMARE, no hope of any kind of control over your fate……BEWARE….Keep good karma on your side….Pete

  2. HI,Peter
    I’m very appreciate your mature and rational thoughts.You even know the yin and yang,I admire you!!peter,you let me have the courage to respond the hard life.I usually want over my life.Thanks peter!!”If a person is lucky in gambling,he is also unlucky in relationships”.Translate in Chinese is”赌场得意,情场失意”lol…..
    I miss you!!

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