Peter Le – The Next Ninja Warrior

Peter Le Practicing His Ninja Skills
Peter Le Practicing His Ninja Skills

In my new swanky apartment they provide free satellite TV. I’m a minimalistic, but I’m not going to pass up on hundreds of free channels, so I watch TV daily now. I’ve discovered a whole side of America I’ve never seen before. More importantly, I discovered a competition that forgot to discover me. It’s called American Ninja Warrior.

Peter Le - Ninja High Kick
Peter Le – Ninja High Kick

Hell yeah I’m going to compete in the next season. Basically you have to bust your way through a crazy obstacle course. I’m motivated to show America that I’ve got the ninja skills of the East and the brute strength of the West. I think I’ve got the raw athleticism for it, what do you guys think?

Peter Le - Ninja Flex
Peter Le – Ninja Flex

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  1. i think u defuniley can do it with that muscled up
    body and all that muscled strength i think u defuniley can do it wish i chould feel that muscled up body of your and feel your pecs abs bicpes and muscles sine your biggies fan jimmie

  2. Like Takeshi’s Castle? That’d be cool! You’d make a great appearance, and sure fun to watch! Peter rules, for every mistake you lose one piece of clothing…woohooo! 😀

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