Bad Hair Day, Use Aloe Vera

I had to buy some aloe vera gel because I burned myself in the tanning booth a few days ago. The last time I used aloe vera was in middle school. My brother is 5 years older than me, so when I was in middle school, he was in high school. Back in the days, guys used to have the flat tops with the V shape cut on the back. My brother used this gel back then like LA gel and LA Bella gel to get his hair to stick up. 

Aloe Vera Hair Gel
Aloe Vera Hair Gel

I didn’t know much about hair products but my mother had some aloe vera gel under the sink in the bathroom next to all the other hair products. So, for months I used all the aloe vera gel on my hair, thinking it was gel, until it was empty. I asked my mother to buy some more aloe vera gel for my hair and she started laughing . She corrected me and told me aloe vera was mainly used for sun burns. The whole time I thought it was a brand that made hair gel products, I guess if they ever go out of business, they can market it out to hair salons! 

My Hair Gel  ;)
My Hair Gel 😉

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