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How Much to F%ck Me?

I was hanging out with my buddies that other night and some of their co-workers came in and sat with us. They told them what I do and they were a little shocked; see all of these guys were straight. So after a few drinks and getting to know them a little I said, “What’s your price to fuck another guy?” They said this actually came up in discussion a few days before and one guy said $100,000. I laughed because I knew that after a couple of drinks and the right guy, most of them wouldn’t hesitate for a second if they knew they wouldn’t get found out.

So it got me thinking, how much would you guys pay to fuck me for one entire night? Who knows, you might guess my price. 🙂

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How Much to Fuck Me?
How Much to Fuck Me?

Written by PeterFever


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  1. my bud and i also discussed this a few days ago. well, not exactly like this, but more “if i was a prostitute, how much would i charge? i mean, realistically speaking since if you ask that to anyone the most answer you would get is a million bucks. and if i have the money, i’d go pay for the best one my money can buy. why pay for someone uglier than you right? might as well go for someone completely out of your league, hehe

  2. How about an evening filled with a lot of fun, laughter, tequila and then…LOL. Great topic Peter. I’m not one for paying for sex because half the enjoyment for me is being with someone who I want and who wants me. BUT, for those who don’t have that issue, I say, don’t stop, get it get it!

  3. Sounds like an awful lot of people have a big chip on their shoulder about paying for sex. I think that if sex is an expression of love, then sure, don’t make it commodity. But otherwise, it’s no different than paying for a massage or a pedicure or a movie or anything else that makes you feel good. If you can get the service for free, then go ahead. But if there’s a “better model” you want to upgrade to and it costs a bit more and you have the money, do it and have the time of your life! And don’t let the other guys make you feel bad about it. 😛

    And Peter, if I had the money, I would price a night with you at around $5,000.

  4. Can you give me an account on because I just love you and I really want to watch your videos unless you can email the model videos

  5. Hi, I’ve read your message yet. I don’t know what your are or what you want. May be, I cann’t understand. Are you gay? Can you have sex with guy? If you can do its please show.
    I love you. Thai guy.

  6. Unless you take food stamps I couldn’t pay your price probably*lol*, I’d get you nice and drunk first then have my way with you!*heh*.

  7. Well what an interesting question,anyway u r too good to be paid with cash dude,there will be no amount of satisfaction to hv sex with u with a transaction,the best thing is the giving n receiving of pleasure with sincerity n respect. You r too good to be a MoneyBoy Sweeatheart ….
    Luv from:
    Ron who always carave for u.

  8. I am fan of yours, but despite this, I would not pay you anything. I prefer that someone like yourself be there because you want to be there. Money and sex are a very bad combination to me. It would be amazing to spend the night with you, but I would not want any strings attached as to the reason you are there.

  9. I have to agree with the other comments. I wouldn’t pay to f**ck you. It would have to be a mutual respect situation and a connection that you would want to f**k me as well. Then, it would mean something. However, let’s just say that if I were prompted to pay you…after I used my jar of Smucker’s that has your name on it..with my other would give the money back..because something more relevant would be created from the night instead of cash..You feel me…lol

  10. mmm … You do have the most fabulous ass Peter, as those pics here prove 🙂 .. I wonder if this topic will lead to you getting f%cked on cam, for your website vids, by a hot and hung guy, with the camera lingering in close-up as the guy’s dick slowly slides into your hot tight hole:) .. I bet the membership would double overnight 🙂 … [Peter -- there’s no need to post this here if it’s too “off-topic” but I just wanted to put the idea in your head … lol :)]

  11. It is your body and you have the right to do what ever you want. Life is about following your own rules not what society say or do. I am a Transsexual Entertainer it is no difference than someone going to a strip club to get a lap dance. I have entertain many celebrities and politician for many years ” due to client confidentiality no names will be release” Life is about following your own rules. The 3 F’s in life are “They don’t Feed you, Fuck you, or Finance you”

    Love On,

  12. A person of maturity and class doesn’t charge for sex. It always should be an arrangement and understanding between two individuals. Money shouldn’t play a role in the transaction.
    Shame on you Peter —-

    • This is a hypothetical question here people that was meant to get some funny responses. You guys are taking this way too seriously.

  13. I don’t want to pay. I want you for free. Just seeing you is enough to make feel better and no amount of money will change that. Besides I want to know you better first.

  14. You’re right they would all do it for a LOT less then £100k 🙂
    As for your price -- well personally as much as I would love to spend an entire night with you I wouldn’t pay anything because that would ruin the experience. I’d want to know you were there because you wanted to be not because you were being paid. But no objection to picking up the tab for dinner and drinks 🙂

  15. i wouldnt pay to fuck any one , it should be respectfully free and fun between two, without the added stress of having to worry if you can afford to have fun with a nice looking guy . i do pay to get massages and if there offer a happy jo ending to relieve my stressful day , i will always love and respect him, its hard enough in the money world to have to pay for every damn thing. but i would maybe for a foot fetish with you. all depends on if your ego is inflated or not…thanks mathieu

  16. I’d say maybe 3k like a top porn star.
    But I’m a bottom, so my fantasy is to see you f%cked or f%cking another hot guy.

    With a such hot body, you could be the new Brandon Lee.

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