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Sexual Positions

Today I’m going to keep it simple because I’m more interested in what you have to say. What are your favorite sexual positions and more importantly, why? I can’t wait to hear from you.


"In the Chair" only on
"In the Chair" only on

Written by PeterFever


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  1. Peter, I love your videos! There’s a big hypnosis / mind control community out there (myself included) and it would be great to see you in a kinky hypno jerk off video like that. Keep up the great work. 🙂

  2. I’m a 100% bottom, so my favorite position would probably be me laying in bed with legs spread wide and you..I mean the guy lol would come and fuck me up! lols

  3. My favorite is when the guy is sitting up or propped up at the head of the bed with pillows and me sitting in his lap. I also like him behind me, in a spooning position. I agree with the poster who said moaning is hot, it really is.

  4. i prefer to hold up my partner with all strength and fuck him wild while standing.
    but… the moan is what matters the most.
    or fuck on chair….
    what make him moan harder with great pleasure… pheww…
    so… yeah… jack off videos with songs w/o hearing the hunk moan and lose himsef is damn annoying.

  5. Thanks Peter for taking up the idea of a Hot Butt Show 🙂 … I mentioned the slow oiling up of ur buns cos ur skin is so beautifully smooth that they’ll look real sexy when glistening on cam … and if u do the oiling slowly we can all keep busy under the computer table while we watch … if u know what I mean … lol … 🙂

  6. Peter you have the most unbelievably fabulous ass … Would you do a vid entirely of the cam aimed at ur butt while u kneel down doggie-style, legs apart, and slowly oil ur buns up for us while we look straight at ur ass in close up for as many minutes as u like ? 🙂

  7. When I was younger, I thought that a big cock stabbing my cervix = amazing orgasm. And I would hook up with any guy who was very thick and long, regardless of shitty personality or fatal flaws. None of those guys EVER did foreplay on me… obviously I faked it. And if they pissed me off (and they did), they got kicked out. I felt a great power trip on telling a straight man how terrible he is in bed.

    Also, it didn’t help that I drank heavily during those trysts…

  8. I love doing all positions if it’s someone I’m madly in love with. However, with me on my back with my current guy, it’s very intense and I have multiple orgasms when he’s drilling me while my legs are behind my back 😉

    Before, when I didn’t like the guy’s personality, I prefered doggy or closed my eyes so I wouldn’t have to look at him. And I would fake it, like Dante Basco fakin’ the funk.

  9. depends on how much I’m into the person. If its a casual fuck with someone, I prefer the person to be in a doggy style position or riding me like a horse. If I’m really into the person, then its the 69 position and if I let him fuck me..then I prefer my legs over my head and him drilling me for mercy…

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