Shutting Down

After all these years with PeterFever, I’ve tried to maintain a close bond with my fans, but after today, I am shutting down. I’ve been spending way too much time maintaining the site and now I just want to go see the world and just have fun. I just want to say thank you to my fans for supporting me throughout all these years, we couldn’t have been as successful without you. 

I Love My Job and My Fans
I Love My Job and My Fans


I am only kidding! Today is April Fool’s Day, a day where everyone plays a prank, especially on the internet. I hope I didn’t upset you all too much. I hop you all know, I love my job and my fans way too much to ever give this up. 

Speaking of April Fool’s, I remember one year, I was hanging out with my friends in college and I borrowed their shower. I turned the nozzle and next thing you know red water was coming out of the shower head. It was Kool-Aid! It was one of the stickiest but tastiest showers ever. 



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  1. Hey Peter,

    So glad this was just April Fools:). As a young Asian (Canadian Born Chinese), I value this website. I’m not sure if I’m bi, but I used to identify as “straight”. But, you have seriously turned me “on”. I don’t really care for the gay stuff, but I LOVE ALL OF YOUR VIDEOS and body model pics. Thanks for representing North American-born Asians.

    It would be fun to have you in videos, shirtless, doing fun skits. No offense to all the fun gay videos, there are cool and all, but for a wider audience, I’d appreciate you through in a girl here and there and put up more fitness tips.

    I would have LOVED to watch you in K-town, that show isn’t as good without Peter! Bonus points if you can get Jowe on this website:). I dunno, maybe you can “spot” him while he works out? ;)/p

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