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Workout Buddy

I decided to  record  a video of my workout buddy who only started working out a year ago named G.T. (6 ‘1, weighing 240 lbs in his early 50’s) doing a set of squat max, in hopes that it will inspire him and others to keep getting stronger. I met him 8 months ago and it was about the time he finished his personal trainer’s program that consisted of the CrossFit method. He gained a few improvement from what he told me.

I usually don’t like working out with a buddy, but since I was new to Chicago I thought it would be a great way to meet friends. We would train 3 times a week in the morning for less then a hour. Now, fast forward 8 months, he can squat 405 lbs for 2 reps from what used to be only squatting 185 lbs for 8 reps. I believe he will get up to 500 lbs in no time. 

After I posted up the Instagram video, I had tons of people asking how he did it. People didn’t believe me when I told them, so I’ve decided to write an extensive book for people who want to lift twice their weight. This will be a new Pete Physique fitness book that will be coming out for people looking to gain incredible strength like my buddy G.T. 

If  you havent seen the video already check it out below, and follow my Instagram wwwpeterfevercom for daily pics and videos!

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