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Be a Part of PeterFever History

Do you want to be a part of Peter Fever history? We are looking for script ideas for The Asiancy Season 7. 

No matter how crazy your idea is leave us a comment. What is your deepest fantasy?  What turns you on? We want to know what gets you excited. 

From past seasons script ideas have included: Peter’s birthday, strippers, a bell boy, strip poker, a dare game, an anniversary and more.  

If your idea is chosen you will receive a special gift: you will see your name in The Asiancy Season 7 credits and will receive a personal video from Peter!

Send Us Your Ideas
Send Us Your Ideas

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  1. I think the following might work since there has never been something like that on Peter Fever:

    1) The adventures of an active bottom
    When guys bottom on the site, its often in a rather passive manner in my eyes (similar to most videos in porn when guys bottom), we never had, or at least I cannot remember, one that wouldn’t ask but simply takes the top he wants and is in full control. Such a bottom would often ride the guy, give orders and be the active participant. A good example of such a video would be Ricky Roman’s performance in “Jake Bass & Ricky Roman Flip-fuck!” from Cocky Boys. An example of a very aggressive bottom would be “Trey takes it from Tom” by Corbin Fisher, the actor Trey is barking orders, growling at the top and even slaps him once when the top doesn’t fuck him hard enough. I have no idea why they think what Trey does is submitting, this guy is clearly the boss there.

    2) A series of a scenes with flip-floppers or generally of versatile performers
    I think ever since Diego and Eric there were no versatile performers anymore. And I think especially in LA there probably must be some locations where you could do scenes like that. This versatility could be connected with the theme of a guy being so sexy he could have every guy he wanted.

    3)Outdoor or generally mixed locations
    Some new surroundings like you did in Diego’s World could be good. Maybe a bath house or a gym, ok I admit that is kind off cliché. Maybe a library, albeit I have no idea whether that is possible, but it could be an interesting video with the actors having to moan and be vocal but of course due to the location they actually should be silent. Maybe sex at a lake. Possibly starting like this:

    4)Breaking the stereotype
    I think while there are scenes on the site that definitely break with the always bottoming Asian, I think the site has not gone far enough. Break the stereotype of the smaller or less muscular guy having to bottom. Take, preferably East or Southeast Asian, twinks as ubertops and since we are at it, give them a wide color range of muscle men to fuck.

    5) A series of first times
    Maybe you do take a shot at a series of first times. Either the performers/characters do something new or you actually have a character who, within the film is new to all of this, maybe even the “I realized I am bisexual” story. Show a number of scenes of a character having sex for the first time and all. Possibly with some scenes similar to this:

    Of course to make it believable you would probably need several different locations and I wonder whether that is possible from a budget perspective.

    6) supernatural themes
    Supernatural themes could also work. Albeit no vampires, werewolves, witches or ghosts, since pretty much everyone does those all the time with so little variety that there is sometimes barely any difference detectable between the creatures. Nope, keeping with the theme of the site, let’s use something from East or Southeast Asia. I think the examples, that I know of so far (keep that in mind), that would work best are:
    a) The foxes of Japanese folklore. These tricksters have such a complex and wide variety of roles that it would take too long to list them all here. For this site one aspect is important: fertility and sex. I read stories (older ones) as well as non-fiction books clearly showing them with big sexual appetites sometimes so much that a human couldn’t take it. Too bad Eric isn’t here, he would have looked most fitting in my mind. However since these beings are shapeshifters per excellence (seriously even in the 1930s there were stories of foxes transforming into cars and trains) pretty much every performer could do it. Although maybe there should be some hints on the actors looks, like some part of reddish colored hair (albeit white or gold are also common colors, technically black as well, but since most people have black or brown hair that wouldn’t work, unless the actor in question has light hair) or maybe some fox-eyes in some shots and since fox-eyes react to light similar to those of cats I think finding suitable contact lenses might not be so difficult.
    b) The Orang bunian from Malay folklore. Their appearance is nearly identical to humans dressed in ancient Southeast Asian style. They are sometimes said to lack a philtrum, but are always extremely beautiful. Modern depictions deviate considerably from the traditional view, and are increasingly elf-like. It is now common in popular culture to see bunian depicted as having pointed ears, high fantasy-influenced attire, or dressed in modern Malay-Muslim clothing.

    7) Reenact some old legend
    It can help to reenact some old legends or use them as inspiration for your own. Some I would like would be the stories of Urashima Tarō, Tamamo-no-Mae, Izanagi in the underworld, some of the Legends of Mount Shasta, Lost Ship of the Desert (it plays in California) or maybe even the Legend of Puteri Gunung Ledang.

    8) Peter getting in on the action
    I am probably the bazillionth guy who wishes Peter to get into the action, but you are to blame for that yourself Peter. You transformed your body into this sex-oozing epitome of masculinity, so you cannot blame us if we want to see your body worshipped. At the very least some hot rimming or heavy petting should be in for us.

    So these are my ideas. Well, for now. 😉

  2. I think it would b really hot to see peter gang banged by a few of the Asian guys. Only asians tho. I think Asian on Asian is the hottest. I think it is really sexy to watch such a manly guy broken down a little. U said no matter how crazy and this is my deepest fantasy. What better man to fulfill it than peter le.

  3. Have a series on University or college students in their sexual escapades. the series could begin with:
    1. Orientation or Initiation Fuck/Suck for freshmen

    2. College dormitory sex as a group in the dormitory

    3. Class experimental sex with the professor carrying out the experiment

    4. Professors sexual experiment in the staffroom or staff Lounge

    5. Student sexual favours with professor for improve grades

    6. Rewarding fuck with professor for improved grades

    7. Celebration fuck amongst students for having good grades

    8. Coach and athlete sex in the changing room or in basketball court

    9. Personal gym training with the coach with sex on the bench

    10. Professor teaching fucking session with one student in his office

    These are some ideas…. would love to see them in a university or college setting

  4. Lately, there has been a trend on Vampire shows; more notably, the fetish of being able to ‘mind control’ or ‘hypnotise’ someone into their submission.

    It’ll be awesome to see the same.

  5. how about in a lab?I’ve been thinking of this for a long time.Maybe in white coat.Or a doctor and his patient. Maybe some electric devices can be used.By the way I’m dying to see peter Le.

  6. While rolling with an opponent in jujitsu, I always imagine going from rolling to just getting hot and getting into it, then keep it going in the showers

  7. Going back to some of the intrigue from the first seasons, how about a battle between Jessie and Frank to be top top? They could try to win support by giving the guys what they want, punish ones who spy or switch allegiance with rough kinky sex, maybe even a three way where they take turns topping a guy to see who the bottom likes best. Then Peter can step in and remind them who’s the boss (in a more active role than he’s had so far).

  8. 1) A couple comes home after a bad argument. The violent verbal exchanges turn into pushing and shoving across the hallway and into the bedroom, which then leads to aggressive wrestling on the bed. The physical and emotional anger between the two young men becomes so intense that it spontaneously and surprisingly turns into mad, angry, passionate love making. The two toss and turn in bed while madly making out with each other as they rip each other’s clothes off as if this is the very last time they will ever experience sex.

    2) A closeted jock secretly beckons a young twink to a discrete corner in a house party and persuades him to give him a quick blowjob. As the twink goes down on him, the jock moans in pleasure while looking out and making sure they are safe from anyone’s view of their little secret meet up. The two get so horny that they decided to turn their little quickie in to a lengthy sex session by secretly sneaking into a nearby bathroom where they have all the privacy they want.

    3) A man is peacefully asleep in a living room couch all by himself. A group of mad horny friends enter the living room whispering to each other about pulling a sexual prank on the man by getting him naked. As they try to undress him, the man awakens in confusion. He realizes what they are trying to do and tries to fight and repel them away by rigorously shaking them off. One of the guys start grabbing his crotch. Feeling violated, he tries to struggle even more. Two of the friends takes off the man’s tank top and begin licking/sucking his nipples, one focused on each nipple. As he is slowly yet swiftly being sexually devoured piece by piece by these hungry sexual pirhanna-like jocks, another guy finally slowly slips his cold smooth hands down his boxers and starts mingling with his balls in between his fingers. The poor man struggles even more to break away but slowly and spontaneously realizes how amazing and pleasurable that hand felt on his balls. Although he tries to “fight” the group of guys off of him, he secretly likes and wants this “prank” to proceed as planned. As they continued, he accidently slipped a quiet moan which revealed how much he actually likes it. The group of hungry jocks eventually target his obvious rock hard cock with their tongues, making it soaking wet. His cock eventually drips in warm slimey spit from all those guys. The “victim” finally gives in to these merciless jocks and becomes submissive and allows them all to use and punish him as they please.

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