Vote for PeterFever – 2012 Cybersocket Web Awards

I have been nominated for another Cybersocket Web Award for the “Best Ethnic Themed Site” and I need everyone’s help to win. Last year we won (see article) and this year I hope we win again. I say we, because I feel that this site is just as much yours as it is mine. You tell me what you want to see and I do my best to deliver. There are 5 easy steps to vote.

1.  Go to

2.  Find the section called “Best Ethnic Themed Site” and select “PeterFever

3.  Go to the bottom of the page, enter your email address and click “Vote Now

4.  Confirm your vote when you receive an email titled “Confirm Your Votes

5.  Vote again using a different email

Thank you so much for your support. Please tell your friends so we can win again. And this time, I expect to see more of my members and fans at the party in West Hollywood!

2012 Cybersocket Web Awards
2012 Cybersocket Web Awards

Written by PeterFever


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  1. Voted using all 5 emails that i have. Informing my friends to vote for you too. Good luck & happy birthday to you. I hope your winning will be your birthday present 🙂

  2. I already voted for you! The other nominees….goddamn, racism much? You’re pretty much the only “ethnic” site that DOESN’T rely on worn-out and tired-ass stereotypes, and for that I’m glad.

  3. Hey, Peter. I’ve voted with 2 different emails and I’m going to ask my entire office to vote for you. I really want you to win coz you are doing all Asian men proud. I love you because you are sexy, hot, adorable, funny, witty, confident, intelligent… and some of the things you say make me laugh. I can’t say enough… I am just so proud of your achievements. I want to wish you success upon success and an awesome birthday coming up on Nov 6. Happy birthday, Peter. : )

  4. hey sweety! You’ll always have my vote. wow, It’s been a year! for sure it’s gonna be another wonderful birthday present for you if you win! kisses!

  5. I voted with all 4 email addresses I have 🙂

    Funny, I never think of this as an “ethnic” site. You just happen to not be white. But I guess with the other asian models coming in, it makes sense.

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