Break Me
Break Me

Can You Break Me?

We live in an age of electronic transaction, so what is the point of having cash in hand nowadays. I remember watching Family Feud and the game question was, how much money do Americans have in their wallet? The number one answer was a $20 bill. I truly agree.
Now, I know why because I have a $100 bill in my wallet for over 3 weeks waiting to be broken. I try to use cash instead of my cards on small purchase items under $10 and especially from small business owners because I know credit cards charge the store a certain percentage to the store. So, I try not to be a dick by using my credit card to buy $1 bottle of water.
In the past few weeks, there wasn’t a single place that could break my $100 bill, here are the stores where my money was no good: Protein Bar, Metro Self Storage, Dry Cleaning, Pet Shop, and can you believe a taxi driver that carry cash all the time couldn’t break my $100 bill.
I’m telling you my money is no good. In America, my experience is that credit cards are today’s standard.

My Money's No Good
My Money’s No Good

Written by PeterFever


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  1. The first thing that came to my mind was putting money down guys naughty underwear at a strip club or similar establishment, credit card isn’t going to work in those circumstances! Seriously you cannot trust all electronic cash methods, depends on the place, and I think cash is always an option people should carry with them.

  2. That’s also the old hundred bill. Also most chain stores have to break large bills. Like Starbucks, or Safeway. A lot of people don’t know that.

  3. I work in Las Vegas where hundreads r like ones but you r correct years ago when I went to la with hundreads they looked at me like I was crazy thats why I love Vegas people carry 20 30 thousand and bet a football or fight its no big deal 🙂

  4. Hey Peter, Welcome back to L.A. -- You can always get $100 cashed at Gelson’s -- and they even will let you get something with it -- such as a small salad, or a handful of power bars. They’re open until 11:00 pm.

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