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California State Championship

So, I didn’t win 1st place, but I did come home with 5th place. I’m a little disappointed with myself, but I’m not going to let it keep me down forever. This has actually gotten me more fired up for the my next competition. I know coming into this sport that it’s all subjective, but to win a competition I have to be in the best shape so that no one can have no doubt in their mind. 

5th Place
5th Place

Here is my plan for my next competition, based on the judges critiques. They are looking for bodybuilder type physiques. Before, competitors did not have to look so overly muscular, but times have changed. They are looking for bodybuilder types with wide shoulders and tiny waist. To fine tune my physique, I have to come in the competition at 175 – 180 pounds instead of my normal 168 competition weight. I have some gains to make and the men’s physique season has just started. So, I’m going to blow this competition out of the water towards the end. You wait and watch.

Next Goal - 1st Place
Next Goal – 1st Place

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  1. Congratulations! You wouldn’t be you if you were satisfied with less than 1st place, but I hope you also enjoy the great feeling of making it to 5th of state! You would invest that much just to satisfy some judges’ new trends? After all, yours is a fine-tuned world-approved special purpose physique that most others just can’t compete with!! It’s one of your best qualities that you give a lot to meet others’ expectations while still staying true to yourself. So I’m curious what creative compromise you’ll come up with! Amazing how you do all this along with work and projects. Hope Frank did great, too! Thanks for sharing, you’re the best!

  2. Hi Peter!!! Congradulation on your victory of 5th place!!!The next time you will win it all, buddy!! Take care buddy and have a wonderful week!!! P.S. your blog is just fantastic!

  3. Peter,

    One of the most wonderful things about life is experience 🙂

    Although some experts tell us to never meet our heros, I have met three of mine. One of them became a friend.

    One of the others told me, “We cannot win every game.” He told me that a long time ago.

    Peter, please just go out and be your best, your personal best at the next competition. You have a friend named Guy. Feel the energy he channels :-). Be the winner both of you are. There are no guarantees in life, particularly in subjective things. Just be your best, and you will sleep well.

  4. Hi, I am sorry to bother you, but I am a monthly subscriber and I now can not log in, as I am forbidden. The password I thought I changed it to is not work working. Thank you and hugs to you handsome.


    Chuck Brewster

  5. Way to go Peter. You can do it. Especially since you’re goal driven. You’ve come a very long way in the past years. Perhaps a motovational inclusion would be to have your MODELS be of the description of the 1st place winners. Have most of your MODELS be the Body Builder type MODELS. At least up to the next competition. Stay informed and Stay in touch…

  6. Obviously it is your choice to compete, but you are so amazingly beautiful already. Don’t change based on someone else. You have so many fans that love you just the way you are

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