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Peter Le in Andrew Christian “BLOW! NYE”

There are only four days left until we ring in the New Year but in the mean time I have a little present for you. It’s Andrew Christian’s latest video “BLOW! NYE” What will you be doing during the countdown? 

If you thought I was sexy in the video, don’t forget to vote for me as your TOP Trophy Boy of 2014. Here’s how to vote:

1. Log into your Facebook. 

2. Search for “Andrew Christian” in the search bar.

3. Then click on the “TOP Trophy Boy of 2014″ Tab

Step 2 & 3

 4. Look for Peter Le and click on the Like button below

Step 4

 5. Share your vote with your friends so they can vote too! 

Vote Now!

P.S. You can also vote on a mobile device by clicking this link

Written by PeterFever


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  1. Such a hot video. Favorite moments are 1:31 when that guy’s beard is running down your pec (I have a beard too…) and 1:38 when you’re pulling on Eric East’s necklace. Shanghai calendars on their way, and excited that you’re leading the Trophy Boy vote.

  2. I did vote for you and will again. I am sorry to say I did try to get your calendar, but it was not available to me in San Francisco, California. i do hope all is well with you.

    With true respect and admiration,

    Chuck Brewster

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