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Do’s and Don’ts in Thailand

Every culture is different and you have to be sensitive to foreign countries when traveling abroad. I’m traveling to Thailand April 10th to 12th for the Songkran 9 event and my friend sent me useful information for when I’m there that I would like to share with you. I respect every country I visit and try to learn their customs. Here are some pointers that I just learned.

1. Do not point your feet at anyone or anything.
2. Do not put your foot on money
3. Dress appropriately when entering a temple.
4. No public affection
5. Do not touch a person’s hair or ruffle their hair

See You in April Thailand
See You in April Thailand

Anyone else have any other tips?

Written by PeterFever


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  1. Love Thailand and enjoy it so much every time I visit.

    I was at Songkran last year so be careful as it can get pretty intense and crazy, especially in the Silom district.
    Tip: if you go to the Silom district for partying during Songkran be sure to put your wallet, phone, etc. in plastic baggies because you will be wet (drenched) from head to toe. This is a national waterfight!!
    Have fun.

  2. Hey Peter,

    I’m a follower of yours on twitter (one of the silent followers, I guess). Some stuff I would add to your list:

    1. Learn the proper way to give ‘wai’. Different hand positions have their own meaning. If unsure, then it’s better to just nod/wave ur hand in reply to a ‘wai’.

    2. Tip the one providing a service that you are happy with. It goes a long way, esp with staffs at the hotel.

    3. While not relating to customs, but still a useful tip: avoid taking taxis waiting outside the hotel/by the roadside. Always better to take a taxi that you stopped/asked the hotel reception to call 1 for you.

    Hope these will help.

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