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The Asiancy S9E12 “Need a Drink” (Photos)

Can't Resist
Can’t Resist
I Love Muscle
I Love Muscle

Having non-stop sex with all these guys has been a dream come true. I thought I finally had the chance to take a break and relax until I noticed Jessie pouring drinks at the bar.  I had been thinking about my boyfriend, but after seeing Jessie’s muscles, my BF was quickly a distant memory. My trip was coming to an end, so one more good fuck couldn’t hurt. I let Jessie take control while I enjoyed every second.

See the full gallery featuring Michael Cummings continuing his sexual conquest with Jessie Lee in The Asiancy S9E12 “Need a Drink”.

One More Couldn't Hurt
One More Couldn’t Hurt

See the Full Gallery

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  1. Hi Peter, you put on your blog your favorite BBQ Sauce…I believe it had root beer as an ingredient. I thought I had saved it…could you send or put that back on your site??? Thank you Steve

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