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Naked Ass Workout Video Released

So my buddy Hal who gave me that carpet, let me come over and use the gym in his apartment complex. l looked around and didn’t see anyone else; I had the entire place to myself. As I started exercising, I decided to take off my shorts; after all I was getting hot and sweaty. I’m facing the windows overlooking the pool, but no one is watching.

Taking Off My Shorts
Taking Off My Shorts

After a few minutes I walk over to the mirror to check out how I look. I start playing with my cock in front of the mirror. Then I decide it is time to get clean. I head to the shower. I remember how much you guys wanted to see more ass, so I squirt baby oil all over it and my asshole. Then I start doing my booty dance. My camera guy, JAX, really gets excited and comes in closer so you can see everything. I’m ready for you, what are you waiting for? Come and get me.

Playing with My Cock
Playing with My Cock

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Written by PeterFever


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  1. Sorry for all the grammatical errors… it’s late right now. lol But yeah, we know you’re sexy… you’re very sexy… but I would love to know things like, what movies you like? Or what you like to do other than fitness…? I think your fans would respond very nicely to this information.

    • Peter, I think you are very sexy but I really don’t know what you are trying to accomplish. Are you trying to be a porn star? If you are, that’s cool. But I personally would like yo feel like I know you a little better. I have come across any videos that have made me think… wow I can really relate to Peter… You are sexy, beautiful… and you make me wanna jerk REAL bad. BUT, I would be completely obsessed with you if I felt like I knew you… and even with website, I still feel like I don’t. Maybe I missed the “about me” section??

    • Dude you really need to look at my site, the about me is on the navigation bar at the top. Also start reading my past blogs, everything you are saying is there.

  2. uh finally, i get to see that sweet tight hole!
    i had cancelled ma membership while ago,
    but now imma come back! I wouldnt miss this : )
    hope we get to see more of ur sweet ass in the future!

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