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Alex Chu and Micah Brandt Gay Porn Interviews

Today, one of our PeterFever roving reporters was lucky enough to be invited to a downtown Los Angeles studio where the magic happens. Alex Chu and his scene partner Micah Brandt were getting ready to shoot a new gay porn scene that you can see on PeterFever very soon. We didn’t want to disrupt the focus and smooth flow of a video shoot, but we were able to interview our two stars. Micah, cute and personable, already knew he had that all-important chemistry with Alex before shooting even started. View the Micah Brandt Interview below:

For his part, our PeterFever star model Alex was happy to share what his shoot day preparations include to help him get extra turned on and horny for his partner and the cameras. Fortunately for all us fans, he confesses that his natural exhibitionism  gets his juices flowing, just knowing that his fans are out there enjoying him and his performance. Alex Chu interview is right here:

Thanks to Alex, Micah and the director for giving us this hot and entertaining peek behind the curtain of what is sure to be a sizzling erotic video.  Keep an eye on PeterFever to see the full scene in the coming weeks.

Written by PeterFever


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    • Hi Jerry,

      We got Peter Le to respond for you!

      “I have made over 120 jack off videos which are all available on I decided that it is no longer interesting for me to make, and I’d like to make way for some new stars like Alex Chu to take over for me. Perhaps in the future I’ll come out of my “retirement” but for now I need to do things that are still interesting for me. Thank you for being a fan!”

  1. Thank you for your feedback! Yes we would love to bring Eric East back. However, with the return of Ken Ott and newcomer Travis Yukarin coming to PeterFever next month, you are going to love what we have in store. 🙂

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