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Time Again for Your Sexy Workouts?

The beautiful Korean guys of Allblanc do not disappoint, and keep producing fun home workout videos that are as stimulating as they are healthful. If you’ve been watching and hopefully exercising along with them during the lockdown weeks, here are a few more that you will find capable of speeding up your heart. First, there’s a shirtless young stallion leading us through a tabata, a 10-minute full-body exercise sequence you can easily perform at home.

And then if that isn’t enough to get your cardio racing, try this 20-minute walking in place routine performed by a quartet of shirtless Seoul brothers. It’s intended to make you sweat, and I think there’s no doubt of that!

Once you are done exercising, left sweating with an elevated pulse, what are you gonna do with all that pent-up energy? Stop by PeterFever and cool your jets with the best kind of relaxation and tension release of all! Till next week, keep on jumpin and pumpin.

Written by PeterFever

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