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Smart Studs Use Dumbbells: Your Sexy #Lockdown Workout

Who has room in an apartment for a full barbell and bench setup? Not us! But there’s always room under a bed or coffee table for a pair of medium dumbbells that can tone your muscles and burn off your love handles. The sexy Koreans from ALLBLANC are back with a new YouTube routine you can get through in five minutes, and hopefully repeat for a nice intense 10-minute workout that will keep your muscles awake and alive. (That’s if you can take your eyes off the hot models long enough to get your workout in gear!)

Let the hot fitness studs of Allblanc give your full body a workout you won’t forget!

But wait,. there’s MORE! This kickboxing exercise routine is fun and strenuous (and it just might give you a clue to what the hot guys at PeterFever East have in store in the upcoming weeks!) It’s a grueling 30 minutes, so you’ll get your cardio in for SURE!

What goes together better than Asian studs and kickboxing?

Now just don’t get so turned on by these Korean bodies beautiful that you forget about all your favorites at PeterFever!!!

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