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Asian ‘ActionKid’ is YouTube King of Walking Tours

YouTube has thousands of travel vloggers, but New Yorker Kenny Chin has taken his interest in exploring new places on foot and created a YouTube channel that is exploding in popularity. With COVID lockdowns in the past year, more and more viewers are loving the virtual experience of discovering a sidewalk-level view of such destinations as NYC, Boston, Philly, Vegas, San Diego and LA.

ActionKid’s walk tour videos are technically high-quality, with resolutions up to 4K

Chin is 34 and goes by the moniker ‘ActionKid’ as he walks through neighborhoods as varied as Staten Island, Times Square, Catalina, Newport Beach and Hollywood. He’s even taken on strenuous hikes such as his recent expedition from Lake Hollywood up mountain trails to a peak just above and looking down at the fabled ‘Hollywood’ sign. Check out his channel for some travel fun as close by as your easy chair. Here’s the popular and exhaustive playlist from ActionKid’s recent month in Southern California:

Support ActionKid on Youtube and visit his Instagram and Patreon. He even has merchandise at his branded store.

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