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Gorgeous Asian Men Created by AI

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Another day, another country in the wonderful world of AAPI males? Well if so, this is an imaginary Asian land populated by the most perfect specimens that artificial intelligence can create. There are several new YouTube channels devoted to photo- and video-realistic depictions of guys you wish existed in real life. All we can do is watch and wish…

First up… who wouldn’t want to be cooped up in a snug little van with this Asian hunk? Here are the snapshots you might have taken after that dream vacay.

Caravan camping with a perfect Asian underwear model.

Whisk yourself off to a spectacular Paris fashion runway where every model is a hot hunky Asian? Why the heck NOT?

Paris Male Underwear Fashion Week of your wildest fantasy…

Want to go full “nature boy” in an Asian jungle? Well here’s the perfect AI Tarzan to share your little straw hut in the trees…

And here are a couple insta-type slideshows of hot Asians in hotter swimwear and undies…

When AI finally creates us a bunch of living, breathing, loving Asian studs we can enjoy in our beds, then we’ll REALLY have something to celebrate!

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